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Aries™ Thinwall Agriculture Drip Tape

Typhoon™ Plus Thinwall Agriculture Drip Tape

DripNet PC™ Thinwall Agriculture Drip Tape

Streamline™ X Agriculture Drip Tape

Pioneerline™ Drip Irrigation for Hemp

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Streamline™ X EZ Drip Irrigation for Row Crops

Heavywall Dripline Irrigation Products

Uniram™ XRS Dripline

Uniram™ Dripline

DripNet™ PC Dripline

Aries™ Dripline

Agricultural Irrigation Pipes & Micro Irrigation Tubing Products

FlexNet™ Pipe Irrigation System

Polyethylene Irrigation Tubing

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QFlex Dripline Riser

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MegaNet™ Rotating Sprinkler System

SuperNet Jr.™ Micro Sprinkler System

NetJet™ High Performance Spray Jet

On-Line Drip Irrigation Products

Non-Pressure Compensating On-Line Drippers

Pressure Compensating On-Line Drippers

Drip Irrigation Filter Products

CentriForce™ SP Sand Separator

Sandstorm™ Single Chamber Filter

Sandstorm™ Double Chamber Filter

ScreenGuard™ Automatic Screen Filters

Sandstorm™ Single Chamber Media Filter

Irrigation Control Valve Products

Series 80 Nylon Drip Irrigation Control Valves

Series 75 Nylon Drip Irrigation Control Valves

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Octave® Ultrasonic Water Meters

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WST Series Water Meters

IRT Series Water Meters

Air Vents & Pressure Regulators

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Dynamic Air Vent

Pro Air Vent

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Pressure Regulators

SuperNet™ Sprinkler Irrigation System

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Increase Onion Yield Using Drip Irrigation

SDI-Effluent For Dairy Farmers

Irrigation for Hemp Production

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Digital Farming

Digital Farming Portal

Field Crops & Vegetable Digital Farming

Digital Farming For Orchard

Digital Farming For Protected Crops

NetBeat™ Digital Farming System

NetBeat™ Irrigation Monitoring Sensors

NetBeat™ Irrigation Control System

NetBeat™ Dynamic Crop Modeling System

NetBeat™ Fertigation Solutions

NetaFlex™ 3G Modular Dosing System

FertiKit™ 3G Fertizer & Acid Dosing

FertiOne™ Plus Two Channel Fertilizer & Acid Dosing

Netajet™ 4G Precision Fertigation System

NMC Pro Irrigation System Manager

NMC Junior Pro Irrigation System Manager

NMC Air Cloud-Based Irrigation Control System

NMC Pro Climate Controller

RadioNet Radio Valve Control System

SingleNet Multi-Wire System Controller

Irrigation for Hemp Production

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Landscape & Turf Drip Irrigation for Lawn & Garden

Landscape Irrigation Products

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Irrigation Drip Lines for Garden, Lawn & Turf

Techline™ Copper Root Intrusion Prevention Dripline

Techline™ HCVXR-RW and RWP Driplines

Techline™ CV Dripline

Techline™ DL Dripline

Techline™ RW and RWP Driplines

Techline™ EZ Driplines

17mm Dripline Fittings

12mm Dripline Fittings

Dripline Components

Low Volume Control Zone Kits

Pressure Regulators

Air Vents

Automatic Flush Valves

In-line Check Valve

Operation/Pressure Indicator Stakes

Landscape & Turf Drip Irrigation Filters

Manual Disc Filters

Manual Screen Filters

2 Inch Compact LP Disc-Kleen filters

2 Inch & 3 Inch Disc-Kleen Filters

Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters

Lawn Irrigation Valves - Water Flow Control Valves

Series 80 Nylon Control Valves

Iron, Nylon and PVC Valves

Water Meters for Landscape & Turf Irrigation

M, WMR, IRT and WST Water Meters

Octave Water Meter


Landscape Irrigation Tubing & Point Source Components

Self-Piercing Emitters

Techflow Pressure Compensating Emitters

BO & WP Non-Pressure Compensating Emitters

Polyethylene Tubing


Micro-Tube Fittings

Technline Calculator® For Landscape & Turf

Drip Irrigation Supplies

Landscape Dealers

Landscape Irrigation Testimonials

Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

Greenhouse Irrigation Products

Greenhouse Irrigation Product Offerings

Netbow™ Container Irrigation Ring

Greenhouse & Nursery Driplines

Space-It Dripline

DripNet PC™ Thinwall

Uniram Heavywall

Nursery Dripper Assemblies

Multi-Outlet Dripper Assemblies

Dripper Stake Assemblies

Slimline EZ Close Plastic Weight Assemblies

Greenhouse & Nursery Sprinklers, Misters, Foggers

SpinNet™ Greenhouse & Nursery Sprinklers

Coolnet Foggers For Greenhouses & Nurseries

VibroNet Fine Droplet Greenhouse Irrigation System

MegaNet™ Rotating Sprinklers

Greenhouse & Nursery Spray Stakes

Pressure Compensating Spray Stakes

Non-Pressure Compensating Spray Stakes

Greenhouse & Nursery Pipe & Tubing Products

FlexNet™ Greenhouse Irrigation System

Oval Tube Rollable Irrigation System

Polyethylene Irrigation Tubing

Greenhouse & Nursery Filtration Solutions

Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters

2 Inch Compact LP Disc-Kleen Filters

2 Inch & 3 Inch LP Disc-Kleen

Scan-Kleen Screen Filter

Manual Disc Filter

Nursery Water Meters

Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters

WST Series Water Meters

WMR Series Water Meters

M Series Water Meters

Fertilizer Flow Meters

Greenhouse & Nursery Valves

Iron Valves

Nylon & PVC

Aqua Pro Controller

Nursery Air Vents & Pressure Regulators

Dynamic Air Vent

Combination Air Vents

Guardian Air Vents

Greenhouse Pressure Regulators

Greenhouse & Nursery Dealers

Wastewater Irrigation

Drip Dispersal Solutions

Wastewater Irrigation Products

Wastewater Products

Wastewater Driplines

Bioline® Effluent Dripline System

Bioline® Fittings & Accessories

Wastewater Filters for Irrigation

Manual Disc Filters

Compact LP Disc-Kleen Filter

LP Disc-Kleen Filter

Apollo Disc-Kleen Filter

19000 Series Screen Filters

Backflush Controller

Wastewater Irrigation System Valves

Iron Valves

Nylon and PVC Valves

Air Vents For Wastewater Irrigation Systems

Combination Air Vents

Guardian Air Vents

Wasterwater Irrigation Water Meters

Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters

WST Series Water Meters

WMR Series Water Meters

M Series Water Meters

Fertilizer Flow Meters

Wastewater Dealers

Heap Leach Mining Solutions

Heap Leach Mining Products

Driplines For Heap Leach Mining

Mine Lite™ Non-Perssure Compensating System

Mine Line™ Pressure Compensating System

Leach Line™ X Non-Pressure Compensating System

Leach Line™ A Non-Pressure Compensating System

FlatNet™ Leach Pad Watering System

Mining Filteration Products

Scan-Kleen Screen

Manual Disc Filters

Mining Valve Products

Ball Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves

Flush Valves

100 Series Control Valves

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