What is precision irrigation?

Precision irrigation is a unique sustainable agricultural approach that allows the application of water and nutrients to the plant at the right time and place and in small measured doses in order to provide it with optimal growing conditions.

From the plant to the planet - everybody wins. Here’s how precision irrigation benefits:

Feeding a growing world

Precision irrigation powers climate resiliency that brings stability to the farming community. It enables farmers around the world to meet the growing demand for food, without using up our limited resources and helps us preserve our planet for future generations.

Optimal growing conditions

Precision irrigation takes care of the plants development needs by allowing the application of water and nutrients without waste, at the right time, in the right place and in the right quantity. When you irrigate precisely your plants enjoy high availability of water and nutrients, and they thrive.

Higher yields & better ROI

Precision irrigation enables farmers to increase profitability by achieving higher yields per hectare, and better-quality crops, while using less water, fertilizer, and energy. When using precision irrigation, farmers enjoy greater predictability, and stability in an uncertain climate.

From the plant to the planet - everybody wins. Here’s how precision irrigation benefits:

Good Plant nutrition is a matter of efficiency

Precision irrigation is not only the best solution for the application of water, it is also the most efficient method for applying fertilizers. Fertigation enables you to deliver nutrients in measured doses, and with perfect timing to support optimal plant growth and protect your soil from leaching and groundwater contamination.


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Precision agricultural irrigation systems

By designing each product to contribute to saving water and utilizing it more efficiently. We aid farmers in meeting their financial goals as well as help them hit their own targets for sustainability by creating custom drip irrigation systems unique to their land and plots.
Protected crops

Successful greenhouse crops require precise conditions in terms of hydration, humidity, and even cooling. With the power of digital tools and precision irrigation products, you'll have more control over your crop growth and can increase the accuracy of your yield projections.


Orchard farming can be extremely challenging and varying climate conditions can cause a number of issues that detract from healthy tree growth. But by delivering water and nutrients at the root level, farmers can not only save water but ensure the health of their orchard trees for years to come.

Field crops & vegetables

Farmers who focus on growing field crops place a lot of importance on reducing costs. Using Netafim's precision drip irrigation products, these farmers are able to control their water usage with impressive accuracy and reduce usage costs as a result. Each plant gets exactly what it needs – no more, no less.

Precision agricultural irrigation systems
Want to know how to select the right irrigation equipment for different types of crops?

Want to know how to select the right irrigation equipment for different types of crops?

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