California Proposition 65


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As the world's leading irrigation company, Netafim takes its obligations to comply with regulations seriously, including the updated warning regulations for California’s Proposition 65.  We are engaged in an ongoing, organization-wide effort to comply with the regulations.

Many of the products sold by Netafim are not manufactured by Netafim USA or its affiliated companies, and as a result, Netafim is unable to readily determine whether such products contain chemicals listed by OEHHA on the Proposition 65 List at levels that would constitute an exposure requiring a warning.  As a precautionary measure, Netafim labels its third-party manufactured products consistent with Proposition 65’s safe harbor warning regulations.  Such labels do not necessarily indicate that such products contain chemicals on the Proposition 65 List or that customers purchasing such products will be exposed to any such chemicals.

For Netafim products that include Proposition 65 warning labels that are resold, our dealers are obligated to include such warning labels when Netafim’s products are sold to customers in California.  Netafim will typically include such Proposition 65 warning labels on the product packaging or box packaging for its products.  Dealers may not remove or obscure those warning labels.

For assembled projects for California customers that incorporate Netafim products that have been removed from their Netafim packaging or box, dealers must include a Proposition 65 warning on a label for the assembled materials, either by affixing a sticker or a hang tag with a warning that is identical to the warning on Netafim’s product packaging (typically, a warning identical to the one above).

For any products labeled by Netafim with Proposition 65 warning labels and sold by our dealers in units smaller than the product packaging provided by Netafim (for example, by selling individual parts from a package containing multiple parts) to a California customer, our dealers must include a Proposition 65 warning compliant with the updated regulations as part of the sale of those products.  Please contact Netafim if you need a point-of-display sign for a particular product.

This notice is not intended to modify or amend the Netafim Terms and Conditions or Product Warranty associated with products purchased from Netafim.

Netafim appreciates its dealers’ continuing efforts to ensure our mutual compliance with Proposition 65.  Please contact your sales representative if you have any additional questions.