Creating A Global Paradigm Shift

In the face of drought conditions, water restrictions, and renewed calls for more intelligent watering practices, Netafim leads the way. Creating a global paradigm shift in the application and use of water within the Green Industry, pioneering advancements in technologically and environmentally sound solutions to modern irrigation challenges. And supporting our customers with education, training, and insight into the best water conservation practices.

Techline Driplines

Netafim Sets the Bar for Innovation with Techline HCVXR-CS

Cupron® copper oxide-based technology is infused directly into both the emitter and stripe of the dripline through a patent-pending process for maximum performance. The integration of copper oxide in the external stripe and internal emitter and the unique patented emitter design with physical root barrier provides three levels of protection, giving your system the best defense against root intrusion, inside and out.

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Save Water
Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation Vs. Rotors / Sprinklers

Save Water And Achieve Healthier Plants

A Netafim drip irrigation system has both short and long term benefits over other emission devices such as conventional irrigation rotors/sprinklers. From water savings to healthier plants, drip irrigation provides solutions for efficient and effective irrigation even in the most challenging residential and commercial landscapes.

Throwing water into the air increases evaporation. Wind creates a potential for overspray and uneven distribution uniformity. Even without considering an increase in evaporation and negative uniformity associated with wind, drip irrigation is proven to be more efficient in the distribution of water than rotors or spray heads.

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Techline Calculator

NEW: Techline Calculator - Desktop Application

Plug-in your application selections and get precise product recommendations.

Product Catalog

Landscape & Turf Catalog

The Landscape & Turf Catalog and Price List app are packed with useful information you’ll need to assist with the design, selection, and installation of Netafim drip irrigation and water conservation products. The hassle-free navigation means you’ll have quick access to product and application information including layouts, product details, and price lists.

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Be sustainable

Sustainability Means Profitability

Netafim USA supports the strategies of LEED for achieving a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. The LEED system does not certify individual products, however, the combination of products contributes to the overall building project’s earning of LEED credits.

Download Netafim USA LEED Statement

Netafim USA’s Techline® CV, Techline® RW, and Techline® EZ and Polyethylene tubing product lines support the LEEDs MR Credit 4 category. These product lines contribute to earning two points in this area as they are produced with at least 20% recycled content that is comprised of a minimum of 5% post-consumer and 30% pre-consumer content.


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What's new


Effluent SDI Solution for Dairies Receives Award April 22, 2020

Effluent SDI Solution for Dairies Receives Award

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy Recognizes the Project Partnership Between Netafim USA, Sustainable Conservation, De Jager Dairy, McRee Dairy and Western United Dairies For Enhancing Dairy Operation Sustainability.

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PioneerLine™, Designed for Hemp Growers April 16, 2020

PioneerLine™, Designed for Hemp Growers

Engineered with Netafim’s Sustainable ReGen™ Technology, PioneerLine Provides Hemp Growers the Ability to Deliver Uniform and Precise Applications of Water and Nutrients on Demand.

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New and Established Hemp Farmers Now Able To Grow Their Businesses Even Faster With the Industry’s Only End-to-End Financing Solution for Sustainable Drip Irrigation Technologies

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