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Tackling The Challenges Of Rising Farming Costs

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 08/07/22

Combating Drought with Sustainable Agriculture

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 06/15/22

Takeaways From The 2022 Commodity Classic

Posted on 06/13/22

Netafim FlexNet Leads The Way In Sustainable Agriculture

Posted on 06/10/22

Why choose a career in agriculture?

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 06/10/22

Upgrade Your Irrigation System with AlphaDisc™

Posted on 04/05/22

Water quality is a constant challenge for modern farmers. To protect irrigation systems for long-term performance, Netafim’s AlphaDisc product provides scalable, intelligent, and efficient filtration that helps growers optimize irrigation while reducing the risk of clogging and increasing crop yields. Here’s why many growers are making the switch. 

Takeaways From The 2022 World Ag Expo

Posted on 03/08/22

The World Ag Expo returned to Tulare, CA, in February 2022 after a year away. The Netafim USA team attended the entire event, including hosting booth demonstrations. Here are a few of the team’s key takeaways from the 3-day event. 

Protected Agriculture - Getting Closer to the Source with Greenhouses

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 02/07/22

How greenhouse grown produce provides variety and consistency.

Are you interested in how your food is grown? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Now, more than ever, consumers are interested in understanding how and where their food is grown. Greenhouse growing and protected agriculture allow consumers to be closer to their food source.

Farming With Purpose: My Everyday Mission

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 12/20/21

“Once in your life, you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman, and a preacher. But every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.”
This loose translation of a quote from Brenda Schoepp means a lot to me. I think about it often for good reason. Farming is the essential backbone of our society. Food does not magically appear on our plates or in our grocery aisles. What we often don’t know or acknowledge, however, is the importance of farming with purpose.

Water Positivity - How Do We Get There?

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 12/14/21

Get ready to hear a lot more about water credits.

The United States is home to some of the world’s most productive farming land. However, this valuable resource is finite, along with our water supply. That is why water positivity, where entities recycle or replenish more water resources than they use, is emerging as a critically important component of a sustainable future.

The Importance Of Your Food’s Environmental Footprint

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 09/08/21

Every Five Guys restaurant has a whiteboard on the wall informing customers about the name and location of the farm that grows the potatoes being cooked in that very store. While this small touch often goes unnoticed, it has a greater significance: it gives customers a small peek into the story of how the humble potato is transformed into your favorite French fries.

The Rise Of Sustainable And Socially Responsible Farming

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 08/16/21

Americans’ eating habits shifted dramatically following the onset of the pandemic. Diners traded restaurant booths and bar seats for dining rooms and couches. Many embraced their new role as home chefs, bakers, and baristas. As a result, consumers became more interested and invested in where their food comes from and how it is grown. 

We need to stop looking at wastewater as waste

Dror Negbi
By Dror Negbi on 07/08/21

When you think about wastewater what comes to mind (and nose)? Likely, a long list of bad-smelling, murky colored substances: human waste, sewage, food scraps, oils, soaps, and chemical pollutants. While no one argues that wastewater is a messy cocktail, a huge environmental hazard, and a painful headache for industry and municipalities, it also has unfulfilled potential as a valuable contributor to sustainable agriculture and a global food secure future.

Can Humanity Gamble on the Weather? - From Rainfed to Irrigated Agriculture

Posted on 02/01/21

For all of us who may have forgotten, our food chain starts with photosynthesis. Yes, the process we learned about in elementary school. Everything alive on planet earth depends on the miraculous ability of plants to turn carbon dioxide (CO2), sunlight, and water into carbohydrates (sugar). CO2 comes from the atmosphere, actually, we have too much of it. 

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