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Building the Future of Landscape with Drip Irrigation

Keith Coulsting
By Keith Coulsting on 09/11/23

The landscape industry has been experiencing rapid growth due to rising residential and commercial real estate demands. However, it is also faced with various pressing challenges, including the rising costs of labor amid the pandemic, local regulations related to water conservation, and the complex nature of “land” itself - the variety of land shapes: walls, rooftops, curves, slopes… to name a few

Building a Commercial Greenhouse

Austin Juma
By Austin Juma on 08/30/23

Building a commercial greenhouse requires careful planning, design, and execution.

A successful greenhouse project hinges on a methodical approach that considers many factors such as location and technologyThis article will delve into a few of the key steps required to build a commercial greenhouse.

Ensuring Food Security while optimizing CAPEX and OPEX

Ricky Elz
By Ricky Elz on 08/24/23

Sustainable agriculture's future lies at the intersection of food security and financial efficiency, driven by commercial greenhouse innovation. Gakon Netafim believes in local, sustainable food production using as few resources as possible. By investing in greenhouses, you can contribute to a secure food supply while optimizing CAPEX and OPEX for long-term success.

Safeguarding Tomorrow: ESG's Intrinsic Role in Every Drop of Saved Water

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 08/15/23

ESG is not a new focus for Netafim, an Orbia company. It's been a steadfast priority well before the term became a buzzword. ESG represents more than a mere abbreviation; it stands for a commitment that companies must make to our world. It's about choosing the right and responsible path, even if it's tougher or less immediately profitable.

Embracing Sustainability in Agriculture: Drip Irrigation Recycling for a More Sustainable Future

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 07/18/23

In today's agricultural landscape, the urgency to adopt sustainable practices has never been greater. Traditional methods of managing end-of-life irrigation tubing and tape should be evaluated and a more sustainable future for the industry must be developed. At Netafim, an Orbia business, we recognize the critical need for eco-friendly solutions in agriculture, and we've been leading the charge with our groundbreaking Netafim ReGen™ drip line material recycling process.

Balancing Beauty and Conservation: Why Green Landscapes Are Still Possible

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 05/03/23

Despite popular belief, preserving green landscapes and practicing diligent water conservation are not mutually exclusive in California. Despite easing drought restrictions, it is critical that we maintain a constant focus on long-term water conservation as a top priority. By adopting this mindset, we can promote responsible water resource usage while still preserving the green landscapes that define a large portion of California.

Keys To Fostering Collaborative Industry Partnerships

Mike Hemman
By Mike Hemman on 04/20/23

Collaborative partnerships are crucial to continue moving the agricultural industry forward. Netafim USA is prioritizing these partnerships by placing a renewed focus on the value we provide to our industry partners. Here are a few considerations we keep top of mind to ensure our partnerships benefit the farmer. 

Supporting Almond Orchards with Drip Irrigation

Domonic Rossini
By Domonic Rossini on 04/11/23

Long shelf life, rich nutrients, less fat, versatility, and a unique flavor. These are just a few factors that have made almonds among the most popular nuts in the market. The past 10 years have seen a 70% increase in the global production of shelled almonds, reaching an annual total of about 1.78 million metric tons. 

Sustainable Agriculture: Local Food Production for a Greener Future

Austin Juma
By Austin Juma on 04/06/23

Industrialized farming has been a reliable way to produce lots of food at a low cost. Large farms distribute food across the globe efficiently. However, it’s not sustainable because of transportation issues, climate change, and a growing population. Current agricultural practices account for approximately 70% of all freshwater withdrawals globally and are responsible for land and soil degradation. These changes have an impact on how we produce and distribute food.

Sustainable Food Production: Indoor Farming in Smart Cities

Ricky Elz
By Ricky Elz on 04/03/23

The global population nears 8 billion, increasing pressure on food, water, and energy resources. Most people are living in urban areas, and this poses several challenges; food security will be a severe issue for the future of smart cities.

Key Takeaways from Commodity Classic 2023

Posted on 03/28/23

In March, Netafim USA had a highly successful presence at Commodity Classic in Orlando, Florida, the largest farmer-led corn, soybean, and commodity show in the nation. Our agronomists educated farmers about Netafim's suite of precision irrigation tools and their benefits, while also gaining valuable insights on the current state of the agriculture industry. With over 9,000 attendees, including more than 4,500 farmers alone, the event proved an excellent platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

Takeaways From The 2023 World Ag Expo

Posted on 03/20/23

This February, the Netafim USA team attended the 2023 World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA, one of the largest and most prominent agriculture exhibitions in the country. During the three productive days at the event, Netafim’s team was able to communicate with legislators about the industry’s needs for sustainable farming solutions, connect, and catch up with domestic and international customers, and discover rising opportunities in the evolving landscape of agriculture.

Netafim USA Takes Home Top Prizes at the 2022 Irrigation Show

Posted on 02/17/23

In December, Netafim USA attended the Irrigation Association's 2022 Irrigation Show and Education Week in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event is the largest industry-specific show in the U.S. and was an opportunity for Netafim to participate in educational sessions and network with industry professionals, Additionally, Netafim was honored with two prestigious awards highlighting the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.

The Future of Dairy Farming: 3 Reasons to Switch to SDI-E

Domonic Rossini
By Domonic Rossini on 02/15/23

Operating a dairy farm is a complex endeavor. Dairies face increasingly high input costs, water shortages, fluctuating milk prices, and increased competition from large-scale corporate dairy operations, all of this on top of the ongoing challenge of effectively utilizing manure as a resource.

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