Mining and Heap Leaching Solutions

Mining and Heap Leaching Solutions

Maximum recovery, maximum efficiency

At Netafim, we focus 100% effort on maximizing your precious metal recovery, because every centimeter on the heap counts. Irrigation is an essential part of heap leach mining and drip irrigation specifically promotes less evaporation than other methods.

Meeting the Needs of the Mining and Energy Industries

Netafim USA's Mining Division offers the industry's broadest range of quality profucts, responsive customer service, global resources, and a team of experts to suppory your mining operations. 

In addition, it doubles as a dust suppressant. Our precision drip products enable mining operations to achieve maximum efficiency by distributing the heap leach solution in a uniform manner, and in a way that protects the target minerals from any damage and increases the yield.

Netafim's drip irrigation systems eliminate the risk of spraying toxic chemicals into the air where they can be carried away from the mining site. Instead, our systems focus smaller amounts of solvent directly onto the mound during the mining process.

Netafim's mining and heap leaching solutions can also help organizations increase yield and efficiency throughout their mining operations without unnecessary environmental impact. Utilizing industry-leading irrigation equipment that places a focus on effective distribution and low consumption can help to reduce the burden of these operations on our planet.

Total System Solution

  • Total system solutions from Leach lines, fittings, filters, valves and air vents to technical expertise
  • A dedicated team of experts – Technical Manager, Market Segment Leader and Mining Customer Service Representative to support your mining operations
  • System Solutions including cost-savings initiatives, first class logistics services and application designs and consultation
  • Quality Commitment – Netafim USA is ISO 9001:2000 Certified – recognized today throughout the industry for our rigid quality-control measures. Every reel of material undergoes a battery of tests and over 30 quality checks before leaving the factory.
Black irrigation piping that has developed a leak, dripping water, with blue and white buildup at the leak site.

Mining Product Offerings

Our innovative products are designed to give you increased accuracy, control, and uniformity, across the range, from system heads to connectors. Our driplines are resistant to clogging due to their superior filtration design and all pipes and tubing are constructed using durable resin to withstand harsh mining conditions with functionality maintained at all times. With the right hydraulic design, simplified maintenance requirements, and heap leach mining-specific drippers, our products are ready and able to take on mining operations of all sizes.

Developed with the environment at the forefront, Netafim's goal is to provide the mining industry with highly efficient, highly effective products that also save water without limiting the progress of a full-scale mining operation. Irrigation plays an essential role in heap leach mining, and we have taken that to the next level by ensuring that environmental concerns are managed and accounted for.



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