Solutions for Your Crops

Solutions for Your Crops

You’re aiming for higher yields and better-quality crops. Our agronomists are here to get you a faster return on your investment.

Agriculture Solutions

The irrigation solutions we offer are suitable for a variety of different field crops, protected crops, and orchards. This includes corn, citrus fruits, certain nuts and berries, tobacco, hemp, and many more. We provide both entire systems and individual parts to meet your needs. Whatever you grow, we’re confident that our precision irrigation solutions can help you grow more of it more effectively, so you can meet your financial goals. In addition to higher yields, our wide range of products can also increase the quality of your crops and help your operations become more sustainable.

What crop are you looking for?

"At Netafim, we see ourselves as agronomic consultants, not salespeople. We are focused on building long-term partnerships with our dealers and growers, not simply closing a deal."

- Mike Hemman, President & CEO


Precision irrigation solutions

Whatever you grow, we can help you grow more of it.
Precision irrigation solutions

Benefits of precision irrigation for your crops

  • Water efficiency: Precision irrigation products, like our thinwall drip lines and heavywall drip lines, deliver an exact amount of water directly to root zones consistently and ensure uniform distribution. This reduces your water usage, which is good for the planet, and eliminates wasting of water through evaporation or runoff. It also reduces the risk of overwatering as underwaters because the system ensures crops get the precise amount of water they need when they need it.
  • Reduced water costs: Since you’re using less water to grow your crops, you won’t just be helping the planet – you’ll be saving money too.
  • Improved crop yield and quality: With water and nutrients being delivered right to the roots of a plant, more of it gets absorbed and it gets absorbed faster. This promotes growth and helps plants become stronger, healthier, and more drought-resistant.
  • Reduced weed growth: Precision drip irrigation can help suppress weed growth because all of the water is delivered to the root zone of crops. With our products, you’ll no longer have to worry about weeds soaking up the water and nutrients intended for your crops.
  • Soil erosion control: More traditional irrigation methods can lead to soil erosion because of the force at which the water is delivered to crops. You won’t have this problem with drip irrigation, as water is delivered directly to the roots.
  • Disease and pest management: All foliage and the exposed parts of your crops will remain dry thanks to drip irrigation, which reduces the risk of fungal diseases and lowers the chances of pests thriving.

Growers Stories

Meet the people pioneering precision irrigation.


With Industrial Hemp farming becoming widely popular, one South Carolina farm spearheads the movement. Arrowhead Seed Company is the first to produce, market and sell feminized hemp seed in South Carolina.

It takes a pioneer to understand a pioneer.

Arrowhead Seed

Hemp, USA


Kevin Matthews turn his worst producing ground into his best-producing ground.

Kevin Matthews

Soybeans, USA

Why choose Netafim?

At Netafim, we are dedicated to creating durable, innovative, and sustainable irrigation products that reduce water consumption while still delivering the essential nutrients plants need to the right place.

Every one of our precision irrigation solutions has been designed with high-quality materials and strict quality standards, and we test each extensively in the lab. But we know that the ultimate test is how they perform in the field. That’s why we heavily rely on the feedback we receive from our customers to ensure our products meet their changing needs. It’s this focus on the specific needs of farmers, growers, and others in the agricultural industry that trust our products daily to produce results that have allowed us to become the world's leading drip irrigation technology company.

But this isn’t the only thing that sets Netafim apart. We are also extremely proud to say that our drippers and dripperlines have received ISO 9261 certification. This certification is a completely objective examination and approval of anything you purchase from Netafim. 

Millions of farmers in over 100 countries rely on precision irrigation supplies to grow their crops, and you can too. Need help finding the right solution for your crops? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to talk about your needs.

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