Banner Netafim FlexNet Leads The Way In Sustainable Agriculture

Netafim FlexNet Leads The Way In Sustainable Agriculture

Our Netafim FlexNet solution is more than a product. It’s a cost-effective, durable irrigation hack that saves growers time, resources, and money. Here’s why it’s becoming only more important for farmers.

The Big Problem

With continuous population growth and consumption of natural resources, our ecosystem is under unprecedented pressure. By 2050, the Earth will be home to 10 billion people, which requires 70% more food to be produced while using 20% less land and 25% less water available for agriculture. Therefore, the agriculture industry needs environmentally responsible solutions to irrigation to prevent a food shortage crisis.

The Growers’ Problem

Although aiming to save water, the application of conventional drip irrigation solutions often creates issues in practice. Issues include leakage caused by poorly connected sprinklers and rotation and buckling, to name a few. As a result, growers have a poor return on investment - they pay for a problematic irrigation system that keeps losing water through gaps and holes, leading to a financially and environmentally harmful result.

Taking Irrigation to the Next Level with FlexNet

To make drip irrigation genuinely sustainable and effective, it is crucial to adopt more efficient products to build the systems in the fields. This is where FlexNet, Netafim’s drip irrigation pipe, comes in.

FlexNet is the industry’s only leak-proof flexible pipe that ensures the integrity and uniformity of drip irrigation systems. In addition, it provides an efficient and environmentally responsible solution to growers with the following features.

Interested in knowing more?

Interested in knowing more?