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Takeaways From The 2023 World Ag Expo

This February, the Netafim USA team attended the 2023 World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA, one of the largest and most prominent agriculture exhibitions in the country. During the three productive days at the event, Netafim’s team was able to communicate with legislators about the industry’s needs for sustainable farming solutions, connect, and catch up with domestic and international customers, and discover rising opportunities in the evolving landscape of agriculture.

World Ag Expo 2023 Take Aways

Here are our takeaways:

Sustainability Makes Its Voice Heard

With droughts ever-present and water resources continuing to dwindle, the topic of sustainability is more pressing than ever. Netafim provided a forward-looking industry voice amid significant attention from Washington, D.C. On February 14, Mike Hemman, President and CEO of Netafim USA presented to the Speaker of the House and the US House Committee on Agriculture, advocating for American farmers. Hemman expressed the needs of California's agriculture industry, making a compelling case for how existing and future irrigation technology can play an important part in the nation’s water conservation strategy. Watch his full remarks here.


Interest Remains High For Water Conservation Solutions

As the drought continues to impact California and the Midwest, many attendees expressed a crucial need to capture and save water with innovative solutions and products. At the expo, the Netafim team discussed and showcased the possibilities of applying drip irrigation on crops that are typically irrigated with other methods. From these conversations, the team was able to explore new ways to better support growers troubled by water scarcity.

With a wide range of products including the locally manufactured FlexNet, the award-winning SDI-E system, along with products ideal for row crops, and permanent crops alike, Netafim can help farms upgrade their irrigation systems in a timely and cost-effective manner.

World Ag Expo 2023 Take Aways

In-Person Communication Is Priceless

The expo provided an irreplaceable platform to connect, communicate and collaborate. As the Netafim team met with customers from multiple states as well as Canada, we were able to connect directly and build relationships with our diverse customer base. Starting with a simple question of “what do you grow?”, we could dive deeper into each grower’s challenges and concerns. With the help of Netafim’s representatives and on-site agronomists, many growers had their questions answered while discovering new opportunities for irrigation, crop protection, fertilization, and other offerings.

The products being displayed at Netafim’s booth also attracted the attention from many attendees. In addition to FlexNet, a 25-foot filtration trailer was among the most popular displays that initiated conversations, many of which ended in scheduled visits or training sessions. Furthermore, the expo presented a valuable chance to invite customers to tour Netafim's manufacturing facility, enabling them to witness firsthand the company's dedication to quality in both its products and personnel.

On one hand, the expo offered a great opportunity for Netafim’s team to provide the necessary information and assistance for customers to learn the full capacities of Netafim’s innovative products. On the other hand, the team received first-hand feedback from the customer base, which is highly valuable for product development as well as research. From the booth of the World Ag Expo, we prepared the industry for more success in the field.

Interested in knowing more?

Interested in knowing more?