Banner Why choose a career in agriculture?

Why choose a career in agriculture?

Today’s agriculture industry is faced with the challenge of feeding an increasing population with dwindling resources. Fortunately, more young people are joining us in the fight against global food insecurity. In this season of graduation and celebration, I found it important to share with students and young professionals how a career in agriculture can provide long-term job security and purpose.

Advice for College Students: Pay Attention to Technology

Modern agriculture is all about efficiency powered by technology. My advice for college students is to pay close attention to the technology breakthroughs we are seeing in our industry. These include new plant breeding techniques, mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and precision agriculture. Each wave of innovative technology is changing the way that we farm today and in the future.

Don’t worry if you have not found your dream job. I am willing to bet, that many college students will find a future job in agriculture that does not exist today. With ongoing innovation in technology, there will be new jobs in the future that we cannot envision today. The best thing to do right now is to prepare yourself with solid academic and practical hands-on experiences.

It’s also important to understand that the traditional view of farm life may not be what we see in the future. In the future, working in agriculture may not mean living on a farm or in a rural area. With new technologies like satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and precision agriculture, ag professionals will be able to be much more flexible in terms of geographic location. Today, we see a multitude engineers, data analysts, and marketers working at emerging ag-tech companies all over the world. Often, the farms they support are thousands of miles away.

True To Our Professional Mission

Agriculture is a noble profession. We fight for food security, for a better environment, and for the entire population’s wellbeing. While we work hard to earn a living for our own families, we are also making a difference to society and our planet. Every day, we tackle challenges with technology and innovation, always learning and finding ways to farm more efficiently.

Live Your Passion

Working in agriculture is always about “more.” Sustainable farming is more than a trending hashtag - it is about fighting the scarcity of food, water, and land, for billions of people on our planet. Technology involves constant research, development, and innovation. At Netafim, we’re changing the world one drop of water at a time. We are helping good farmers become super farmers with the application of modern technology focused on increasing yields, conserving natural resources, and reducing our environmental footprint. I am proud to play a small part in this, and I hope college students and young professionals will find their own passion in the exciting and ever-changing world of agriculture.