Banner Building the Future of Landscape with Drip Irrigation

Building the Future of Landscape with Drip Irrigation

The Coexistence of Growth and Challenges

The landscape industry has been experiencing rapid growth due to rising residential and commercial real estate demands. However, it is also faced with various pressing challenges, including the rising costs of labor amid the pandemic, local regulations related to water conservation, and the complex nature of “land” itself - the variety of land shapes: walls, rooftops, curves, slopes… to name a few

A Solution That Works in the Core of Landscape

Like farming, water is at the core of almost everything about the landscape. Therefore, it is wise to tackle these challenges from the practice of irrigation. Drip is one of the fastest-growing segments in the landscape sector, as recent developments like Netafim’s have dramatically improved efficiency and profitability.

Different from conventional sprinklers, drip irrigation systems use water more efficiently. Drip pipes can cover more square footage than their traditional counterparts with the same amount of water. This is especially meaningful for areas like California with drought concerns or strict policies regarding water usage. This also reduces up-front material costs for those switching to drip from a traditional spray system.

These piping solutions also require less human labor for installment and maintenance, helping to control or reduce labor costs while the entire economy is experiencing inflation. Importantly, drip irrigation pipes can cover odd shapes better than any traditional solutions, forming the lifeline beneath the green and allowing growers to make the most of their usable land despite unusual field shapes and sizes.

Reliable Drip Irrigation for the Future

As experts in drip irrigation, Netafim has spent decades focusing on developing reliable drip irrigation systems. In addition, Netafim’s convertible products can be easily installed on retro systems with modifications to make the upgrade even more cost-effective and user-friendly.

Almost everything in irrigation involves plastic. With the future of our planet in mind, Netafim responsibly uses plastic. Only 25% of the premium materials used in the tubing are plastic, which helps control pollution and provides better water and nutrients for crops and plants. Our ReGen recycling program offers an additional way to take care of the environment to further be eco-friendly in the field.

The future of landscape lies in the wider acceptance and application of effective, reliable drip irrigation. Netafim will continue to support professionals and homeowners alike for a greener planet as part of this evolution.

Interested in knowing more?

Interested in knowing more?