Wastewater Irrigation Products

Wastewater Irrigation Products

When we think about wastewater, we often picture grey or brown murky water that has no value or purpose, but the exact opposite is true. In areas where water is sparse, the reuse of run-off wastewater can be a saving grace and provide ideal conditions for crops to thrive.

Wastewater irrigation systems that incorporate intermittent drip dispersal both deliver nutrients directly to the root systems of various crops and enable communities to get the most from the water they have available. By offering a full suite of wastewater irrigation products, Netafim helps global producers make use of wastewater in a positive way.

The Use of Wastewater for Farming and Agriculture

Wastewater may contain contaminants that are unsuitable for crop growth, such as oils, pathogens, toxic chemicals, and waste. Untreated, wastewater could be detrimental to successful crop growth — but salvaging the nutrients that make up 99% of wastewater is essential.

By treating wastewater, this valuable source of water and nutrients can be harnessed to increase food and water security on a global scale. Wastewater irrigation systems can help you make the most of this often-misunderstood resource, and the wastewater irrigation products offered by Netafim can help you get started.

Wastewater Irrigation Products That Make World-Class Systems

Netafim's selection of wastewater irrigation products can enable you to develop full wastewater irrigation systems that feed your crops with the water and nutrients needed, especially in areas where clean water is strained or difficult to acquire.

Our driplines, filters, valves, air vents, water meters, and other fittings and accessories are manufactured to the highest standards so that you can do what you do best without incident. If you'd like to start utilizing wastewater in your farming operation, our products are the best place to start.

Need some help working out which products are right for your farm?

Need some help working out which products are right for your farm?

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