Regen Recycling

Embracing Sustainability in Agriculture: Drip Irrigation Recycling for a More Sustainable Future

In today's agricultural landscape, the urgency to adopt sustainable practices has never been greater. Traditional methods of managing end-of-life irrigation tubing and tape should be evaluated and a more sustainable future for the industry must be developed. At Netafim, an Orbia business, we recognize the critical need for eco-friendly solutions in agriculture, and we've been leading the charge with our groundbreaking Netafim ReGen™ drip line material recycling process.

Netafim ReGen™: A Vertically Integrated Recycling Solution

Our journey in sustainability began in 2007 when we launched our first recycling facility in California. Understanding the escalating environmental impact of plastic waste, we established a process that maintains the highest quality and performance standards for used irrigation materials. Collaboration has been at the heart of our mission, actively engaging with growers, listening to their experiences, needs, and challenges to continuously refine our recycling program. 

Our Impact Is Growing Exponentially

In recent years, our commitment to sustainability has led us to make significant strides. We've utilized hundreds of thousands of tons of regenerated plastic in our manufacturing process, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. We've expanded our recycling operations to Southeast Texas and opened Mexico's largest agricultural plastics recycling facility in Culiacán.

Netafim ReGen™: A Meticulous Recycling Process

Inside our specialized recycling facilities, used irrigation tubing is converted to high quality recycled resin through a proprietary process developed over our last 16 years of experience. It is carefully shredded, washed, and pelletized, resulting in high-quality recycled pellets. These pellets are then blended with other resins to create top-of-the-line irrigation tubing, ready to be used once more.

Together, Let's Build a Greener Future

As individuals and as an industry, it's our responsibility to foster innovation and implement sustainable solutions in agriculture. We are not alone in this mission; our fellow Orbia business groups, are actively contributing to sustainability efforts as well. By collaborating and sharing our expertise, we can make a lasting impact inside and outside the agriculture industry.

Join Us in the Movement towards Sustainable Agriculture

At Netafim, we're committed to providing farmers with a convenient and responsible alternative for managing used drip line materials. By offering a streamlined process that saves time, resources, and effort, we're empowering growers to embrace sustainable practices across every facet of agriculture.

Let's work together to build a greener and more prosperous future for all. Join us in the sustainable agriculture movement!

Interested in knowing more?

Interested in knowing more?