Banner Key Takeaways from Commodity Classic 2023

Key Takeaways from Commodity Classic 2023

In March, Netafim USA had a highly successful presence at Commodity Classic in Orlando, Florida, the largest farmer-led corn, soybean, and commodity show in the nation. Our agronomists educated farmers about Netafim's suite of precision irrigation tools and their benefits, while also gaining valuable insights on the current state of the agriculture industry. With over 9,000 attendees, including more than 4,500 farmers alone, the event proved an excellent platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

Netafim's SDI-E™ Panel Attracts Strong Interest

In addition to its booth, Netafim hosted a panel about Maximizing Profit and Nutrient Utilization with Netafim's SDI-E™ for Manure Effluent. The discussion, moderated by Netafim Global Chief Sustainability Officer John Farner, highlighted the agronomic benefits of Netafim’s SDI-E™ system and generated significant interest among attendees. The panel effectively addressed skepticism surrounding the system, doing so by highlighting its practicality and emphasizing the need for more similarly innovative solutions in the agriculture industry.

The panel’s success was evident by the engaging conversations that spilled over into the company booth. Although many discussions began with technical questions, Netafim's agronomists were also able to have engaging farmer-to-farmer conversations and help establish a sense of trust and expertise from attendees assessing how the system could benefit their operations.

The SDI-E system directly nourishes crop roots with precise amounts of water and natural fertilizer, leading to improved soil health and increased yields. This efficient delivery method conserves water resources while promoting optimal microbial activity and crop growth. The system is versatile, functioning with various types of water sources including groundwater, surface water, and repurposed water.

Farmers Push the Boundaries of Traditional Farming

This year's show highlighted the enthusiasm of farmers to push the boundaries of traditional farming methods. The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) yield contest embodied this spirit, as growers competed to achieve the highest corn yield per acre. This year's winners submitted impressive yields ranging from 250 to 324 bushels per acre, with some growers receiving recognition from Netafim for their use of our systems.

In particular, the show made clear that a new generation of farmers is leading the charge by proactively seeking new methods and technologies to continuously refine their practices. This thirst for innovation is driving the industry forward and establishing new standards related to efficiency, sustainability, and higher yields.

Commodity Classic continues to allow us to connect with new and returning customers, meet industry stakeholders.

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Interested in knowing more?