Banner Keys To Fostering Collaborative Industry Partnerships

Keys To Fostering Collaborative Industry Partnerships

Collaborative partnerships are crucial to continue moving the agricultural industry forward. Netafim USA is prioritizing these partnerships by placing a renewed focus on the value we provide to our industry partners. Here are a few considerations we keep top of mind to ensure our partnerships benefit the farmer. 

Prioritize Offering Value

At Netafim USA, we believe in providing differential value to our best partners. To do so, we continually ask ourselves "what incremental value can we provide to our best dealers, and ultimately the growers who use our products?" Rather than leading with a product or price, which is too commonly done in our industry, we seek to understand challenges beyond our existing product line. Better understanding the needs of the farmer help us to envision new ways to support the complete need rather than simply providing part of the solution. This is how we developed the Netafim ReGen Recycling solution and our Dairy Effluent solution. It’s essential to listen to the customer, develop relationships, and ask deeper questions to ensure we are truly meeting the needs of the farmer. 

I am proud of the work we do at Netafim USA. We consistently think about the partnerships we have forged with our best dealers and how we can work jointly to solve the needs of the farmer. While this sometimes revolves around products, real value is created when we look at the complete solution. A recent example stemmed from a meeting with one of our best dealers where we brainstormed about the needs of the farmer given the recent record rainfall in CA. Through creativity and teamwork, we were able to develop a financing solution that met the needs of the dealer, the farmer, and our team.

By building value beyond products, we build trust and long-lasting relationships.

Act as Agronomic Consultants, not Salespeople

At Netafim, we see ourselves as agronomic consultants, not salespeople. We are focused on building long-term partnerships with our dealers and growers, not simply closing a deal. Drip Irrigation products are a small part of the overall challenge that growers are trying to solve. By understanding the complete agronomic solution, we can provide lasting value to our partners. Our joint work with Bayer and the Almond Leadership Program is a great example of how our team is collaborating with other industry leaders to bring comprehensive solutions to our farmers. Our consultative support helps instill trust in those we work with, resulting in conversations and questions that go far beyond basic irrigation product knowledge and system design. 

We strive to build these types of relationships at every connection point with the customer. From our local salespeople and sales managers to our agronomists and technical experts. Our global reach and agronomy knowledge provide our partners with a global network of agronomists they can rely on to ensure they have the best information possible when making decisions. This network provides farmers with specialized knowledge developed over more than 50 years in every agricultural crop and every corner of agriculture throughout the world.

We understand that no one person can be an expert at everything and that there is strength in partnerships. Forming these collaborative partnerships to meet the needs of the farmer will only become more important as technology advances.