Banner Introducing Netafim ReGen™ AgVantage Certification Program

Introducing Netafim ReGen™ AgVantage Certification Program

Netafim USA, Orbia’s Precision Agriculture business, has launched the irrigation industry’s first fully circular dripline recycling solution. The AgVantage Certification Program helps growers recycle used dripline material in an environmentally responsible way. This first-of-its-kind program validates growers and farmers' commitment to sustainability. 

Protecting the environment and building a better future is at the core of everything we do. With the world’s growing population and shrinking resources, we must implement solutions that reduce water and landfill waste. Our dripline irrigation technology helps solve some of the world’s biggest challenges around food and water scarcity, and we are always searching for ways we can improve our processes to benefit the planet.

Netafim’s dripline irrigation improves water efficiency by up to 70% by applying water directly to the crop root zone and minimizing waste. But what happens after the dripline tubing needs to be replaced? The ReGen AgVantage Certification Program is the answer.

Through this program, partner growers and shippers can be recognized as Certified Irrigation Plastic Recyclers. Netafim works with them to retrieve used plastic dripline materials and transform them into new, high-quality dripline products in our California recycling facility. Our facility opened in 2007 and processes end-of-life drip irrigation tubing through a propriety process developed over the last 16 years.

Backed by SCS Global Services Certifications

Earlier in 2023, Netafim achieved prestigious certifications for our industry-leading recycling program and recycled content. Our ReGen Recycling Facility earned the SCS Recycling Program Certification and the facilities’ production inputs were awarded the SCS Recycled Content Certification. The SCS Recycled Content Certification evaluates products made from pre-consumer or post-consumer materials diverted from the waste stream and verifies the percentage of recycled content to make an accurate claim in the marketplace.

Netafim is now the only precision irrigation company with a certified plastics recycling facility and certified recycled content in the United States. We decided to expand our effort’s reach by offering our certified recycling program to our growers. 

Our Partners

We are thrilled to partner with Braga Fresh and Church Brother Farms as the first growers to become Certified Irrigation Plastic Recyclers. Achieving this certification demonstrates their steadfast commitment to sustainability and desire to reduce dripline plastic waste.

We invite all growers who meet the requirements to become a partner in the ReGen Recycling Certification Program. Third-party validation is becoming increasingly important to multinational companies like Walmart and Amazon. Becoming a partner helps growers improve their sustainability score, enhance their corporate image, and further our mission to grow more with less.

Interested in knowing more?

Interested in knowing more?