Banner Takeaways From The 2022 Commodity Classic

Takeaways From The 2022 Commodity Classic

The Netafim team attended the 2022 Commodity Classic in New Orleans, Louisiana, this March. Finally, being able to reconnect with growers and industry partners after last year’s online event, we were pleased to see that Commodity Classic has been continuing to grow. In this year’s show, we had many valuable conversations while witnessing the latest development in ag-tech. Here are some of my key takeaways from this refreshing experience. 

Striving for Innovation

As agriculture evolves with technology, it’s evident that the entire industry strives for innovation. Interacting with numerous participants, the Netafim team discussed new ideas, technologies, and web-based tools for growers and companies. Thanks to the impressive density of high-level growers attending the event, many companies were launching new ag-tech products on-site, allowing us to learn about the most up-to-date trends in farming.

There’s one thing I’d like to highlight – the innovation of fertilizers. Given the rising price of conventional fertilizers, commodity growers are increasingly interested in other options that provide a better return on investment. For example, fertilizers delivered multiple times through the season will enable higher yields. The focus on effectiveness is undoubtedly a trend in today’s industry.

Responsible Farming with Biological Products

Another theme was the focus on soil health, promoted by accepting biological or natural products that serve as enhancement of efficiency for common chemical fertilizers. These products provide nutrients to the crops and help with crop protection and soil improvement. For instance, some biological products can unleash the soil's tied-up nutrients and benefit its overall health. Products like these enable us to grow crops effectively, efficiently, and responsibly.

Growers are the first and foremost stewards of the soil, have been working on improving soil health for a long time. Their acceptance of environmentally friendly, biological products results from being both responsible and innovative. Nowadays, there’s even more motivation – they may be paid for it. As governments and companies strive to be carbon neutral, growers can quantify their contribution to the environment and sell carbon credits as an additional revenue stream.

At Commodity Classic, we met with yield winners with an innovator mindset, eager to try out new products and tools for “what’s next.” The Netafim team was also pleased to introduce our highly customizable drip system through dynamic conversations.

We only want to apply nutrients that crops will directly consume, and it was great to discover a shared passion for this goal.

The Future: Do More with Less

Our experience at the show also led me to think about the future of agriculture, and specifically, the future of water.

Reflecting on the innovative products we saw in New Orleans; I believe the entire industry will be better off because we can do more with less. For instance, with Netafim’s advanced, customized drip irrigation systems that deliver the exact quantity of water that the plants need every day, right to the roots, growers can effectively save water while minimizing the stress for the plants. This is both meaningful for each grower and the world because, without over-delivering, fewer nutrients will go to the rivers and streams. Together, we grow more with a less negative impact on our planet.

The Netafim team is proud to be part of the ag-tech innovation. With drip irrigation, we’re making the future better.

Interested in knowing more?

Interested in knowing more?