AlphaDisc™ Filtration System

Upgrade Your Irrigation System with AlphaDisc™

What is AlphaDisc™

Water quality is a constant challenge for modern farmers. To protect irrigation systems for long-term performance, Netafim’s AlphaDisc product provides scalable, intelligent, and efficient filtration that helps growers optimize irrigation while reducing the risk of clogging and increasing crop yields. Here’s why many growers are making the switch. 

Key benefits AlphaDisc™ offers to growers

  1. Upgrade As You Go

AlphaDisc allows for a multi-phase investment, making budgeting more manageable than ever. This is especially important for scalable projects. For example, a grower planning to start with 40 acres and add an additional 40 annually could utilize a “build as you go” process so the grower can start with smaller spines and upgrade to big spines later without having to change the unit. Compared with old-style filters, which require the grower to upfront all the costs on day one, our AlphaDisc filtration system eases the financial stress and provides more flexibility and possibilities for scaling. 

  1. Intelligent, Data-Powered Maintenance and Management

With AlphaDisc’s Bluetooth controller and app, growers can do much more without physically being in the fields. 

A good example is smoother, optimized maintenance. Let’s say I set up a system that is scheduled to flush every two hours at eight PSI pressure differential. After doing this for several weeks, we will be able to check out a report generated on the app that includes statistics of all the flushes that happened within this timeframe. It would show, for instance, that six flushes were from the pressure differential, and the other 994 were automatically triggered on time. This shows us the filter only got dirty enough to clean outside its regular schedule six times. With this insight, we could change the flushing schedule from every two hours to every eight hours and save valuable water resources in the process. 

With continuous fine-tuning, the programming will be fully customized for our water and fields, resulting in fewer maintenance issues. This can save costs and time spent on inspection and repair in the long run. 

Adding to easy maintenance, a seamless management experience is also made possible by the Bluetooth controller connected to the app. From the comfort of home or anywhere else, growers can configure filter settings with a few taps on the phone, check performance history on the fly, and make data-driven revisions to the programming that helps optimize the actual irrigation practice. AlphaDisc solves the ever-present “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” quandary. 

  1. Effective Filtration Saves Energy

Another critical benefit that AlphaDisc brings to growers and the environment is less energy consumption out of the gate. The high filtration volume and area, together with the lowest head loss in the industry, enables higher particle capture, reduces backflush cycles, and leads to less downstream disruption. The design also ensures less energy loss through friction, with the backflush valves running more efficiently. As a result, AlphaDisc-anchored irrigation systems will become more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Making Optimized Irrigation Smarter and Easier

Researched and developed in partnership with Arkal, a global expert in water treatment and filtration solutions, AlphaDisc brings flexibility, intelligence, and efficiency to irrigation system protection. Legacy solutions are not only costly but are deteriorating quickly, costing farmers more in maintenance and upkeep costs each year. AlphaDisc is not only about optimizing filtration but about implementing the right technologies and connecting with other intelligent and remote-controlled farming technologies. As a result, we see it playing an increasingly important role in the fields, making farming more innovative and easier for growers across the nation. 


Interested in knowing more?

Interested in knowing more?