• Structural simplicity.
  • Superb design featuring exceptionally low pressure losses at high flow rates.
  • Can be used for regulating from no-flow to maximal flow with no need for additional throttling devices or by-pass valves.
  • For natural liquids, sea water and industrial effluents.
  • A wide selection of materials, coating and diaphragm types.
  • All valve models fit a wide variety of control applications using pilot valves.
  • Solenoid Controlled valve are controlled by a local controller.

Design Specifications

  • Materials
    1. Body and Bonnet
    2. Diaphragm
    3. Spring
    4. Nuts And Bolts
    5. Coating
  • Standard Configuration
    1. Cast Iron
    2. Natural Rubber
    3. SST 302
    4. Coated Steel
    5. Polyester
  • Acid Resistant Configuration   
    1. Stainless Steel
    2. EPDM, Neoprene, NBR   
    3. SST 316 
    4. SST 316   
    5. Epoxy
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