Soilless Irrigation webinar

7 April, 2020

12:00 - 13:00 GMT+3


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Soilless irrigation webinar

Who is this webcast for?

If you grow in soilless media or are planning your move from soil into soilless this one is definitely for you. Farmers, crop consultants and irrigation system designers are sure to find this useful.

What are we going to talk about?

We’ll touch upon some of the key principles of successful soilless irrigation and fertigation including some important tips that can make a difference between doing it good and doing it great. 

Our speakers:

Abed1.png   ABED MASARWA

As Director of Product Management, Abed heads up Netafim’s irrigation products segment. 25 years with the company, he has served in the Engineering team, R&D team management, and as APAC technical head. He holds a BSc. and MSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.


Roei Yonai1.png   ROEI YONAI

As part of Netafim’s Strategic Crops department, Roei leads the company's global activities for challenging crops such as Rice and Berries. He has extensive experience in plant breeding and specialty crops cultivation, and brings a wide perspective on the agri-business world. He holds a BSc. in Agricultural Economics and an MSc. in Plant Science.



Ofer is a key member of the development team of Netafim's digital farming fertigation models. Prior to joining Netafim, he worked as a product manager of water-soluble fertilizers in the Haifa Group. He holds an MSc. in Soil and Water science.

Webinar Topics

  • Soilless Irrigation Principles – The Big Do's and Don'ts // Roei Yonai
  • Emitters and other Products for Soilless Irrigation – Making the Right Choices // Abed Masarwa
  • Fertigation Principles for Soilless Media – Basic Concepts, Big Impact // Ofer Halperin
  • Q&A
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