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Drip Irrigation & Water Conservation Solutions

Drip Irrigation & Water Conservation Solutions

Everything you need to build a system that provides you with a lush, sustainable landscape. Netafim USA has solutions for any climate, soil type, and plant requirement. The experts at Netafim can assist you in creating a solution that provides your landscaping with the perfect amount of water minimizing wasted water and improving plant health.

Water Conservation Product Offering

Driven by a drought-stricken climate, regulations, and limited resources, our innovative products are designed to give you increased accuracy, control, and uniformity. Across the range. From system heads to controllers. So landscapes can flourish in any climate and most importantly conserve water.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is by far the most efficient way to manage your landscape irrigation. An excellent solution for both residential landscape irrigation systems and commercial landscape irrigation systems, drip irrigation is extremely precise in its distribution of water. Both evaporation and overwatering concerns can be eliminated as emitters (similar in concept to holes cut into a soaker hose) come in various sizes to allow more or less water to flow to the root zones of different plants. In addition, drip irrigation systems use far less water than other methods which helps to curb watering costs as well as increase environmental sustainability.

Surface Irrigation

Surface irrigation is a common choice for residential landscape irrigation systems and involves watering with either a watering can or a hose with no attachment on the end. Water is able to cover the surface and then penetrate down into the root system, where plants can be nourished. Unfortunately, this method increases water consumption while lowering efficiency as much of the water isn't utilized by your plants, and it's the most labor-intensive.


Sprinklers offer a more automated method for managing your irrigation needs and serve as a staple of commercial landscape irrigation systems. A hose carries water to the sprinkler, where it is cast into the air and lands on the plants to provide them with hydration and nutrients. The main issue with sprinklers is water waste due to evaporation, but overwatering can also become a problem if you have plants with different watering needs. Sprinklers can't easily be directed, either, so you are likely to waste water on pathways, driveways, and parking lots as well.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses fall into a subcategory of drip irrigation and consist of small holes cut into a hose to allow water to seep out along an expanse. The benefit of soaker hoses is that they can either be laid upon the surface or buried underneath the groundcover, and they deliver water directly to the root systems of each plant. This isn't the most efficient of available landscape irrigation products, but it serves as a more efficient solution than surface irrigation or sprinklers.

How Does Drip Irrigation Help With Unique Properties?

If your property consists of irregular shapes, contours, spacing, or other unique attributes, drip irrigation will provide the most efficient solution. Great for all soil types and capable of withstanding various climatic conditions, landscape drip  irrigation products are designed to minimize water consumption while still providing the necessary hydration and nutrients to each plant. There is no overspray or evaporation, and drip lines can be placed in whatever configuration is needed to serve tight corners or distribute water evenly across spans of hilly land.

Products Suitable For Landscape Irrigation

Our products for landscape irrigation are designed with drought-stricken climates, environmental regulations, and limited resources in mind in order to provide optimum control, accuracy, and efficient coverage. This includes all drip line products, drip line components, filters, and valves for both commercial and residential landscape irrigation systems. Browse each product type below for more information on how they contribute to successful irrigation management.

Need some help determining which products are right for you landscape??

Need some help determining which products are right for you landscape??

Get in touch and we’ll talk you through everything you need to know.