Manual Disc Filters

Netafim Manual Disc Filters reliable plastic discs are engineered for efficient operation, year after year, with practically zero maintenance. Constructed of the highest quality UV protected reinforced polymer plastic. Available in a range of sizes, degrees of filtration and flow capacities to meet your mining operations needs.

The Filtering Process

Grooved, compressed plastic disc rings produce a deep filtration process. As dirty water is pumped into the filter and pressure increases on the outside of the filter, the water pressure compresses the rings together tightly.

Grooves in the disc rings crisscross, forming a three dimensional network that traps particles. The number of crisscrossed intersection points on each groove varies, depending on filtration grade. The turbulence in the varying paths and the large number of intersections create an environment where particles are eventually trapped.

This design filters the dirty water thoroughly, not only on the outer surface of the cylindrical disc filter, but through the entire depth of every ring’s grooves. The result is a larger, more efficient filtering area (when compared to screen filters) with more debris being captured and cleaner water exiting from the filter.

Engineered for Efficient Operation

  • Year after year you'll experience efficient operation with practically zero maintenance.
  • Flat, grooved plastic rings stack together to form a cylindrical filter element.
  • Easy cleaning – no scrubbing is necessary.
  • Greater holding capacity – filters through the entire ring depth – not just the surface.
  • During filtration, pressure increases and compresses the rings increasing efficiency and protecting the system from clogging.
  • Constructed of the highest quality UV protected reinforced polymer plastic.
  • Degree of filtration is easily changed – replace disc rings with desired mesh size.
  • Available in a range of sizes, degrees of filtration and flow capacities.
  • Works well as stand-alone units or combined to form modular filter batteries.

Product Advantages

  • Highly effective multiple disc ring design captures and holds more debris.
  • Greater holding capacity of the rings vs. screen filters mean less frequent cleaning.
  • Rings are easily removed for fast cleaning without the need for scrubbing.
  • Color-coded disc rings make identification of mesh rating fast and easy.


  • Coper and Golf Mines
  • Protection of leach systems from clogging and/or abrasion
  • Working conditions of 1 to 600 GPM
  • Temperatures from -40° to 160°


  • Polypropylene components for increased chemical resistance.
  • Easy opening orange plastic clamp for access to the discs.
  • Much lower price than previous 2” and 3” models.




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