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Thinwall Driplines

Nothing Compares to the Uniformity and Durability of Our Thinwall Dripline. Drippers are welded into the wall of seamless tubing, supplying the highest level of distribution uniformity. Seamless tubing construction makes it stronger and more durable than comparable tape-type driplines.

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Heavywall Driplines Category.Products

Heavywall Driplines

Send the right amount of water and nutrients to every plant whenever it needs it.

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Pipe & Tubing

The right pipes do more than move water. They’re lighter, tougher, easier to use and they connect more intelligently to the rest of your irrigation system. 

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Sprinklers Category.Products


Maintain a uniform water distribution across your crops. 

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On-Line Drippers Category.Products

On-Line Drippers

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Protect your drippers from contaminants. 

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The gatekeepers of your precision irrigation system. Find out how the right valves make your life simpler by reliably controlling flow rates and pressure, allowing you to automate your system’s operation.


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Air Vents & Pressure Regulators Category.Products

Air Vents & Pressure Regulators

Netafim system components are an integral part of your drip irrigation system. The simple and proven design of our Air Vents, Check Valves and Pressure Regulators mean longer life and trouble-free operation. Each component is manufactured with the highest quality controls – ensuring maximum system performance and reliability.

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