Drip Irrigation and Micro-Sprinklers for Strawberry Production

A combination of drip irrigation and micro-sprinklers improves strawberry production. This combination has become a proven irrigation method for staying on schedule and delivering a high-yield, high-quality crop.

Optimize Your Growing Operations With SuperNet

Trusted on more acres of strawberries than any other micro-sprinkler, SuperNet offers many advantages:

  • Maximize yield potential and revenue with uniform, PC performance in all terrains
  • Increase profits by adding a cost-effective tool to your IPM program
  • Ideal flow rate reduces the risk of non-compliance with Ag Order nitrate loading requirements
  • Apply for NRCS EQIP funding with confidence (highest uniformity of any sprinkler tested by the NRCS)
  • Extend the life of your system with Quick-Disconnect fittings to protect the supply hose

Make Your Water Go Farther

A summary of benefits growers can see when adding SuperNet Micro-Sprinklers to their strawberry production:

  • Low Volume: Lower flow rate/acre reduces runoff
  • Lower Energy: Get 35%-40% reduction* in pumping power – energy rebates may apply
  • Reduce Labor: Reduce weeding; less heavy lifting; reduce movement of aluminum pip in and out of the field
  • Mite Suppression: Helps keep optimum conditions for Persimilis mites
  • Dust Control: Apply Water to minimize dust damage
  • Transplant Establishment: Maintains moisture where it counts
  • Easy Harvesting & Spraying: Sprinklers can be left in the field from transplant through harvest


SuperNet Micro-Sprinklers

Grower Stories

Read how two growers are using SuperNet Micro-Sprinklers to ensure effective crop establishment along with their drip irrigation system. They explain how the sprinklers have increased their effectiveness of two-spotted mite control and helped deliver a variety of positive benefits and cost savings.

Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?