Hydraulic calculation tool

As a technical manager, salesperson or hydraulic designer you want to be completely sure you are recommending the perfect product for your customer’s needs. Netafim’s HydroCalc, the irrigation hydraulic calculator of choice for thousands of professionals around the world, brings you absolute confidence in your hydraulic decisions.


HydroCalc 3.0 takes industry standard to the next level

  • A new interface makes doing calculations a great experience with gradual flow, built-in guidance, tool tips, alerts, and illustrations.
  • A constantly updated & expanded Netafim product database including local commodity products, covers all products and parameters your customers will want to know.
  • Flexibility - HydroCalc 3.0 is smart enough to let you make calculations with the information you have. For example, you can enter either outlet or inlet pressure, and you can define elevation change in meters/feet or percentage.
  • HydroCalc 3.0 is now available in a mobile version tailored to the needs of non-designers, including salespeople, agronomists, and technical managers.

With HydroCalc 3.0, you can be confident you’re making the optimal professional hydraulic decisions for you and for your customer.



HydroCalc previous version

Download instructions:

  • Make sure that you open in Internet Explorer (IE). This app only works in Internet Explorer (IE).
  • Click the Download button, a registration form will open, register and download the application.
  • After opening the application, a system pop-up will appear to confirm about increasing available storage. Approve the action.
  • Please note that after installation HydroCalc will open in IE. However, you can click on “Desktop Mode” on the upper right bar to open it locally on your computer.
  • After that, you will be able to find HydroCalc in your computer's Start menu