Grow Better Almonds with Less Water

Almond orchards require specialized subsurface irrigation systems. Because of the aggressive root structures of almond trees, the possibility of driplines facing root intrusion or strangulation has been a significant obstacle for growers. Netafim USA has been committed to solving this issue and providing reliable irrigation systems for farms across the country. By taking feedback from our customers and partners, we are able to innovate new ways to provide growers with the solutions they need and the reliability that almond irrigation systems need in order to provide higher yields while using less resources.

We've developed our subsurface drip irrigation solutions based on this feedback, and they have proven to make a substantial difference in the application of water in permanent crop trees. Sustainably constructed, Netafim products don’t require the use of chemicals and can provide root resistance for permanent crops as well as meet almond tree water requirements. When comparing our almond irrigation solutions to traditional sprinkler irrigation, evaporation is reduced up to 15%, meaning that you truly can grow more with less.

Netafim Products Are Built to Handle Tough Situations

Our customers need precision irrigation solutions that can handle the environment they are used in, which means taking nature into account. By developing a sub-surface irrigation solution, the hoses are shielded from surface-dwelling animals, including squirrels, rodents, birds, and coyotes. Our use of copper in the structure of the hose discourages root systems from growing in close proximity, and they instead find alternate paths for securing the trees. With proper maintenance, this solution will perform this way for the entire lifespan of the tubing.

Built-in UV protection is a standout feature for a plethora of Netafim’s solutions and enables the use of our almond-focused products on the surface during the first one to two years for new crops. Spreading out the drip lines on the surface will aid in root development during this time, which also helps to spread the roots further. This can help almond trees gain the strength needed to support larger trees as the crop grows. In year three, the drip lines can be buried in order to continue optimum root development.

Less Water, Better Crops

Our almond irrigation products are designed to deliver water directly to the root system of each tree, thereby significantly decreasing water consumption and evaporation, and eliminating overspray entirely. Traditional sprinklers are known for their excessive use of water which, in many farming communities across the globe, doesn't equate to a sustainable practice. In areas where water scarcity creates harsh growing conditions, precision irrigation can reduce the overall amount of water used and deliver it to the areas of the roots that need it most.

First, the almond trees are able to be irrigated precisely, preventing overwatering or water wastage. The second benefit is that, because the irrigation system is subterranean, water is unlikely to pool on surface helping to prevent pests from gathering near the trees and can help avoid fungal growth.

Our focus on developing solutions for almond trees is a perfect example of Netafim innovating to meeting grower’s needs.

Sustainability matters to all farmers which are stewards of the land. Drip irrigation helps utilize natural resources while ensuring a higher long-term return on investment compared to traditional irrigation methods.

Domonic Rossini, Team Leader Agronomy West


Recommended Solutions for Almonds

Our almond irrigation products have been purposefully designed and manufactured using quality materials that ensure their longevity, as well as the longevity of your almond trees. From reinforced valves and superior flow regulation to organic root intrusion avoidance, we've developed a dripline solution built for any topography that can satisfy almond tree water requirements. View the solutions we recommend for almond growers and see which products are right for your orchard operation.

UniRam™ XRS

UniRam™ XRS

The world’s ultimate pressure compensated dripline, UniRam™ XRS ensures perfectly uniform crop yields for any topography, application and water quality. NEW with Cupron Copper Oxide embedded into the dripline and emitter for the ultimate protection against root intrusion.



Reinforced Nylon Control Valves are strong and versatile, exhibiting exceptional hydraulic characteristics and provide optimal control of irrigation systems.




SuperNet™ flow regulated micro-sprinklers ensure uniform water and nutrient distribution for orchards with long rows and hilly topography. Sprinkler irrigation systems and equipment for professionals. Discover our extensive sprinkler portfolio.



UNIRAM XRS - The Solution for Irrigating Almonds



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