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Greenhouse Structures

Commercial Greenhouse Structures

Different locations, climates and crops require different greenhouse structures to give your plants the right conditions and protection. At the feasibility stage of your project, we’ll work with you to configure the right greenhouse structure for your goals.


Commercial glasshouses are considered the most fitting greenhouse structure solution for nurseries and commercially grown vegetables, fruits, and flowers in mild and cold climates.

Our glasshouses are made of high quality materials and include automation technology to ensure satisfaction. We strive to build greenhouse structures that provide stable growing for your plants and protect your crops when the weather outside drops to -15C and below.

Commercial glass greenhouse structures allow your crops to receive plenty of sunlight and radiation. In addition to durability and low maintenance, our glass greenhouses can withstand high loads and ensure optimum production. You can choose from our range of natural ventilation options based on the specific location, crops, and climate requirements of your greenhouse project.

We manufacture greenhouse projects designed to cover growing areas from 1ha up to 80ha.

Ready to grow?

Ready to grow?

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