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Netafim PC Spray Stakes are pressure compensating with a check valve for improved control of water and fertilizers. The efficient spray pattern wets the soil surface to maximize water retention while misting is nearly eliminated and wind drift is prevented. The simple construction, easy close-off mechanism, and resistance to sunlight, fertilizers and chemicals means long-life reliability.

PC Spray Stakes

Provide improved water and fertilizer control as well as an efficient spray pattern that evenly wets the soil surface to maximize water retention.


Non PC Spray Stakes

Deliver a precise amount of water and fertilizer directly to the container.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Spray Stakes offers superior wetting of the soil mix?

    The PC Spray Stake pattern angles downward – just enough – to keep the spray on the soil and not flying into or over the wall of the pot. Water retained by the soil mix is the most important measure of the effectiveness of a spray stake. The Netafim spray pattern provides maximum water retention by the soil mix – exactly what the plant needs. An additional benefit of the excellent wetting pattern is the uniform activation of top-dressed fertilizers. The result is superior plant growth and more efficient use of water resources.

  • Does Spray Stakes offers uniform watering from the first pot to the last pot?

    Pressure compensating spray stakes ensure every pot in the entire system receives exactly the same amount of water. This eliminates the need to overwater some plants to be sure the driest plants receive enough water to thrive. This water savings is typically between 55% to 20% and can be even more.

  • Does Spray Stakes eliminates misting?

    Non-compensating spray stakes produce a lot of mist that is wastefully blown away especially on a windy day. One more advantage of pressure compensation is that it conserves water. Even at high pressures, up to 60 psi, the pressure compensating mechanism and the downward water spray of the Netafim PC Spray Stake eliminate misting.

  • Does Spray Stakes have efficient spray patterns?

    Pick the spray pattern that is right for your plants. The single spray pattern spray stake can be placed near the edge of the pot. The double spray pattern spray stake is useful for optimized wetting in very coarse mixes or large pots. It also allows positioning of the spray stake near the stem of the plant which can minimize wetting of the base of the stem.

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