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2″ Compact LP Disc-Kleen Filters

Automatic self-cleaning disc filter solution.

Why Manual Screen Filters

  • Proven Disc Technology Depth Filtration
    Provides highly effective filtering.
  • Made of Non-Corrosive Materials
    Prevents rusting and corrosion from chemicals and weather.
  • Compact Pre-Assembled Unit For Easy Installation
    Fits in tight spaces, saves space. Factory assembled and tested. Delivered ready for hook-up and immediate operation.

Product Advantages

  • Less Backflush Time Required
    Optimizes irrigation with a more uniform application of water.
  • Includes Backflush Controller
    AC model uses 110VAC power. DC model uses four D batteries.


  • Irrigation systems with a capacity of 1 to 80 GPM requiring clean water to operate emitters
  • For areas with and without electricity
  • When automation is desirable because manual cleaning is frequent and too cumbersome
  • For residential, commercial, industrial, parks, municipal and non-potable water sources


  • Inlet: 2” male pipe threaded
  • Outlet: 2” female pipe threaded
  • Flush port: 2” female pipe threaded
  • Maximum operating pressure:
    • Standard and low flow models: 90 psi
    • High pressure model: 140 psi
  • Minimum pressure for backflush: 30 psi
  • Minimum flow for backflush:
    • Standard flow model: 35 GPM
    • Low flow model: 20 GPM
  • Minimum allowable pH: 5
  • Weight: 32 lbs.
Need help finding the best solution?

Need help finding the best solution?

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