CentriForce™ SP Sand Separator

The CentriForce™ SP series is designed to allow for easy removal of sand, dirt and silt from groundwater and to provide superior protection for irrigation systems thanks to a unique patented Centrifugal Separator technology.
CentriForce™ SP saves you labor, energy and maintenance.

Product Advantages

  • Superior Separation – Independently tested to remove over 98% of settleable solids commonly found in groundwater down to 74 microns (200 mesh) at 2.6 SG
  • Low and steady pressure loss – CentriForce™ Separators operate at a consistent pressure loss as low as 5 – 12 psi (0.34 – 0.83 bar), sizes ¾” – 3”, and 3 – 12 psi (0.21 – 0.83 bar), sizes 4” – 10”.
  • Wide range of diameters covering flow rates up to 2,450 gpm (556 m3/hr) for single unit installations. Higher flow rate applications can be achieved by manifolding additional Separators in parallel.


  • Irrigation systems irrigating with well and/or any other groundwater
  • Small to large system applications, side-stream installations, and individual equipment protection
  • For removal of sand, grit, silt, and other fine solids from the water


  • Maximum Pressure: 150 psi
  • ILB Sizes: 3/4"-3" Models
  • LGS Sizes: 4"-10"

Product Sheet & Manual

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Contact a filtration expert to learn which CentriForce™ filter is optimal for your needs.