We face a global challenge to responsibly use and protect our finite supply of freshwater, yet all too often we overlook ways to guard and extend this precious resource.

Diagram of how Netafim's wastewater recycling system cycles and reuses water to irrigate crops via driplines.

Netafim Bioline® Dripline Design Calculator - Based on Maximum Emitter Discharge Rate Per Day

The Netafim Bioline Calculator estimates the amount of Bioline needed to install a wastewater drip dispersal system, along with other design parameters. It is NOT intended to replace a professional design and should be used for estimating purposes only.



Drip Dispersal Solutions

In order to meet the increasing need for clean water, and the world population outstripping nature’s ability to deliver it, we must seek out and implement smart practices that provide sustainable solutions. The good news is that today more sophisticated advanced treatment units are available and do a far better job of treating the waste stream. Soil is one of nature’s most sophisticated purification tools. Whether clay, loam or sand, soil is an extremely effective treatment tool. When we deliver just the right amount of wastewater to it, at just the right time, the soil effectively provides additional and critical treatment before it reaches surface water or groundwater supplies. The key to success is delivering just the right amount of wastewater at just the right time to just the right spot.

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Irrigation Company Using Wastewater Recycling

Sustainability means profitability

The needs of landscaping irrigation and water dispersal have shifted drastically towards sustainability in recent years. The call for innovation and water conservation is prominent and wastewater irrigation plays a significant role in achieving this goal. Our wastewater irrigation solutions deliver innovative wastewater management technology reducing the impact on water use in commercial and residential landscapes.

Our wastewater irrigation solutions embody cutting-edge wastewater management technology, playing a crucial role in addressing the imperative of water conservation, particularly in commercial and residential landscapes. By repurposing wastewater for irrigation, we take a significant step toward reducing the strain on precious freshwater resources.

This approach not only aligns with the ethos of sustainability but also empowers landscapers and property owners to make responsible choices in water usage. It fosters a harmonious coexistence with the environment while preserving the lush beauty of landscapes.

At Netafim, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing innovative wastewater irrigation solutions that reflect the evolving landscape of water management. Our technology embodies the fusion of environmental responsibility and technological advancement, making a positive impact on water use in both commercial and residential settings. Join us in championing sustainability, conserving water, and shaping a more eco-conscious future for landscaping and beyond. Together, we can create greener, more sustainable landscapes that thrive in harmony with nature.

Find out how we work with partners to protect the environment, empower populations and enable global prosperity with precision irrigation.

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"No one argues that wastewater is messy, an environmental hazard, and a headache for the industry, but it also provides an opportunity as a valuable contributor to sustainable agriculture and a global food secure future."

Dror Negbi, Head of SSC, Global Product Management Unit