Orbia’s Precision Agriculture Business, Netafim, Launches ReGen™ Recycling Certification Program for Growers to Reduce Dripline Plastic Waste and Validate Their Commitment to Sustainability

Program Launches with Braga Fresh and Church Brothers Farms as Initial Partners and Encourages Additional Growers to Join

Netafim, Orbia’s Precision Agriculture business, has launched the Netafim ReGen™ AgVantage Certification Program, creating a new standard for Netafim’s grower partners who have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by working with the company to reduce dripline plastic waste and minimize their environmental impact. The program is designed to provide an environmentally responsible way for farmers to recycle used dripline material and creates a closed-loop recycling process to reduce landfill waste.

Netafim ReGen Recycling is the industry’s first fully circular dripline recycling solution. The company works with its partners to retrieve used plastic dripline materials and processes it in its California recycling facility. The facility first opened in 2007 and processes end-of-life drip irrigation tubing through a propriety process developed over the last 16 years. Netafim uses the recycled material to manufacture new, high-quality dripline products like Streamline™ X EZ.

scs certificate

In 2023, Netafim was certified through SCS Global Services as the only precision irrigation company with a certified plastics recycling facility and certified recycled content in the United States. SCS Global Services has been providing global leadership in third-party quality, environmental and sustainability verification, certification, auditing, testing, and standards development for three decades.

Through this program, partner growers and shippers will be recognized as Certified Irrigation Plastics Recyclers. Achieving this certification highlights partners continued efforts towards recycling and reducing landfill waste to positively impact the environment. Braga Fresh and Church Brothers Farms are the program’s inaugural partners and have officially become Certified Irrigation Plastics Recyclers. Netafim invites all growers who meet the requirements and want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability to become a partner in the ReGen Recycling Certification Program. Interested growers can contact Tate Kelley, Netafim USA Product Manager, by filling out this form

“Third-party validation is becoming increasingly important to multinational companies like Walmart and Amazon. Now, the Netafim ReGen Recycling certification will help growers improve sustainability scores and enhance their corporate image. It’s one more way for us to support growers. Netafim already offers the industry’s only fully circular recycling process, and we are excited to build on it and grow with our customers,” says Tate Kelley, Netafim USA Product Manager.

“Netafim’s founding mission is to grow more with less to solve some of the world’s biggest environmental problems. We work every day to live out this mission and partner with growers to expand our impact,” says Chuck Bates, Netafim USA Vice President of Products and Agronomy. “We recently achieved SCS Global Services’ recycled content certification and recycling program certification and decided to go one step further by offering our recycling expertise to our partners, further extending our reach and progressing in our mission.”

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