ReGen™ AgVantage Certification Dripline Recyling Program

Our Partners

Certified Irrigation Plastics Recyclers are Netafim ReGen™ Recycling partners who have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by working with us to reduce dripline plastic waste and minimize their environmental impact on the planet.


How to Identify Our Partners

This Certified Irrigation Plastics Recycler mark signifies that our partners are in good standing with all of the Netafim ReGen™ Agvantage Recycling program requirements. Partners may use this logo on their marketing material and product packaging.

What is Netafim ReGen™ Recycling

Netafim ReGen™ Recycling is a real-world solution designed to minimize the impact of irrigation dripper lines plastic waste in the environment and is the industry's first vertically integrated dripline recycling solution. The program was designed to provide an environmentally responsible way for farmers to recycle used dripline line materials and create a closed loop recycling process to reduce landfill waste. 

How it Works

Netafim works with our partners to retrieve used plastic dripline materials and processes it in our California recycling facility. Through a proprietary process we are able to use these recycled materials to manufacture new high-quality dripline products like Streamline™ X EZ.

Lean More about Netafim ReGen™

Netafim ReGen™ Now Backed By SCS Certification 

Netafim is now the only precision irrigation company with a certified plastics recycling facility and certified recycled content in the United States. Our recycling facility and the recycled product we produce has been certified by SCS Global Services. 

SCS Global Services (SCS) has been providing global leadership in third-party quality, environmental and sustainability verification, certification, auditing, testing, and standards development for three decades.

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"ReGen Program transforms used plastic dripline materials into new, high-quality products at California recycling facility."


How to Partner With Netafim?

How to Partner With Netafim?

Are you interested in joining our program as a Certified Irrigation Plastic Recycler?