ReGen™ Recycling Program

ReGen™ Recycling Program

Minimizing the environmental impact of farming beyond innovative drip irrigation technologies.

ReGen™ Recycling Program Available to California Agricultural Growers and Dealers Only

Using drip tubing/hose or drip tape for irrigation is reliable, easy and convenient. With Netafim Recycling, getting rid of used irrigation tubing in an environmentally responsible way is just as reliable, easy and convenient. Netafim ReGen™ Recycling collects and manufactures new, recycled plastic irrigation tubing in California. Our recycling and manufacturing operations create local jobs and boost our state economy. We are proud of protecting the environment through our recycling efforts while improving the quality of life for Californians.

Drip Irrigation Recycling

Program Collection Boundaries

Currently, collection of Thinwall driplines is available to CA growers and dealers only within the geographic collection boundaries highlighted in green on the map to the left. We will not be collecting drip tubing/heavywall until further notice.

Netafim Regen™ Recycling will arrange for pick up from Mendocino, Tehama, Glenn and Butte counties in Northern California to Kern, San Luis Obispo, and northern Santa Barbara counties in the south. The per-site minimum is currently 35,000 lbs.

All other program requirements can be found in the link below. 


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General Rules For Pick-up Service

We pick up your used irrigation tubing/hose/tape right from your farm. Proving you with disposal convenience and cost savings. Before scheduling your pick-up, there are a few things to consider:

  • Site inspection is required prior to pick-up to inspect the load, take photographs and samples and recommend necessary adjustments so materials can be picked up
  • Important: We only accept polyethylene products.
  • Bad weather and equipment breakdowns may force rescheduling.
  • Location Requirements: The irrigation tubing/hose or tape must be on level ground and accessible to a 65-foot tractor-trailer with a clearance of 14 feet and room to maneuver in and out.

Product Conditions


  • Only polyethylene (PE) products will be accepted
  • Material must be free of trash, wood, rocks, tires and foreign materials
  • Material must not contain excessive dirt or plant debris
  • Center of coils must not be wound around metal, cardboard, sticks or other plant material
    (PE or PVC centers are okay as long as they are less than 4” in diameter)
  • Materials must not be intermingled with other plastics (PE adapters and couplers are okay).
  • If the TWD contains metal wire ties used to secure splicing repairs, they must be galvanized (not stainless steel) and must NOT be wrapped with adhesive tape.
  • Plastic mulch will not be accepted
  • Minimum amount of material accepted:
    -Drip tape (TWD): Per site minimum 35,000 lbs.
    -Drip tubing (HWD): We will not be collecting drip tubing/heavywall until further notice.

"Inside our specialized recycling facilities, used irrigation tubing is converted to high-quality recycled resin through a proprietary process developed over our last 16 years of experience."

Mike Hemman, President & CEO


Ready To Recycle? Schedule A Pick-up

Netafim ReGen™ Recycling has made the drip tape recycling process easier and more convenient. We provide farmers with an efficient alternative to get rid of used irrigation tubing/hose/tape. Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out the short pick-up request form or contact us at 559-453-6800.
  2. You will be contacted to schedule a site visit.
  3. After your site visit and approval, a pick-up appointment will be made.
  4. We schedule and make arrangements to pick up your used irrigation tubing/hose/tape.