Industry smallest water meters with the best performance

M Water Meters

Why M

  • Industry's smallest water meters provide ± 2% accuracy over a wide range of flows.
  • Magnetically driven sealed register are stainless steel encapsulated and guaranteed not to accumulate moisture or fog.

Product Advantages

  • 'M' Water Meters utilize the multi-jet principle assuring an equally distributed load on the impeller minimizing wear and maintaining accuracy.
  • 'M' Water Meters have only one moving part, the impeller, is in contact with the water for minimum wear and the utmost reliability.
  • 'WMR' Water Meters contain an in-line axial turbine which allows foreign matter to pass through the meter without clogging.
  • Wide clearances in the measuring chamber provide full pipe flow measurements and high reliability


  • For main supply lines in agriculture and landscape applications


  • Size: 2"
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 230 psi
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature: 131° F
  • Body Material: Cast Iron with Polyester Coating
  • Connections: Male Pipe Thread
  • Register Options: Reed Switch, Photo Diode or MPE Digital
  • Reed Switch Register Pulse Outputs: 10 or 3.26
  • Photo Diode Register Pulse Outputs: 1.0 or 0.055
  • MPE Digital Register Pulse Outputs: 10 or 3.26
  • Straight Pipe Installation Requirement: 10 x D upstream and 5 x D downstream (D=meter size)




Need help finding the best solution?

Need help finding the best solution?

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