The FertiKit 3G is a fully configurable fertilizer/acid dosing unit. It can accommodate a variety of dosing channels, dosing boosters, NMC Controllers, peripherals and accessories to meet a vast range of applications and infrastructure constraints.

The Next Generation Modular Nutrigation™ System

FertiKit 3G basic functions include controlled mixing of fertilizers/acids with source water into a homogeneous nutrient solution, EC/pH correction of nutrient solution and water pre-treatment.

FertiKit 3G
FertiKit 3G

A Highly Cost Effective Solution

  • A modular, cost-effective Nutrigation system for soil and substrate applications with minimal investment.
  • Efficient use of water, fertilizers and energy.
  • Unrivaled range of irrigation water capacities.
  • Designed for any application where quantitative or proportional Nutrigation is required.
  • Venturi operation principle – no moving parts.
  • Fits into an existing irrigation system and it’s easy to install and maintain.
  • Precise Nutrigation based on high accuracy dosing channels with recipes that can be changed quickly and efficiently.
  • Made from high-quality components and PVC NPT schedule 80 with an aluminum, corrosion-resistant frame and adjustable legs.
  • Pre-assembled with NMC Pro Controller and NMC Air.
  • A wide variety of accessories and peripherals can be integrated into the FertiKit to enhance its functions.
  • Field-proven in all environmental conditions.

Operating Principle

The FertiKit doses the various fertilizers and acids into a homogenous solution and injects it into the irrigation water mainline. The suction of the fertilizers and acid into the dosing channels is based on the Venturi principle. This requires a pressure differentiation - which is created by the FertiKit booster pump.

Operating Mode

  • SP - Mainline pressure range of 15 to 60 psi


  • Up to 4 dosing channels: 13 – 95 GPH
  • Total fertilizer/acid suction capacity; 380 GPH
  • NPT connections for easy assembly.
  • Weight with Dosing Booster and Controller 225 lbs.
  • 33" W 40.5" D 53" H


Product sheets

Product sheets



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