Pressure regulated sprinklers maintain uniform flow across a broad range of pressures. Featuring an EverSpin Sapphire Bearing – the toughest, hardest, longest-life sprinkler bearing on the market. This precision manufactured bearing crafted out of a sapphire material – one of the hardest surfaces known – has been added to the bearing of the sprinkler at the point where the swivel’s pin meets the bearings surface wear-point – reducing friction, wear and promoting long-lasting sprinkler performance.

Product Overview

Why SuperNet?


  • Long Range Swivel with Stream Deflector (LRD): New & Improved swivel sprays a wider pattern resulting in a larger wetted diameter.
  • Anti-insect mechanism: Drop-down spinner prevents the entry of insects that can cause clogging, and minimizes repairs and maintenance.
  • Jet spray option: Includes four spray patterns and a wetted diameter up to 18 feet. Switching from a rotating swivel spray to a fixed jet stream plate is easy and economical.
  • Easily Adaptable: A stream deflector easily snaps on to the frame to temporarily restrict spray diameter. Quick-connect thread base is convenient for new installations but excellent for replacing older sprinklers.


Product Advantages

  • Highest distribution uniformity: Unique nozzle tube prevents negative effects of varying inlet pressure on the wetted diameter.
  • Wide regulating range and floating, self-flushing diaphragm maintains uniform flow across a broad pressure range.
  • Engineering-grade materials and heavy-duty bearing results in superior endurance and long-term reliable uniformity.
  • Everspin bearing has a layer of sapphire material to reduce friction and wear, promoting long-lasting sprinkler performance. Bearing keeps the swivel centered during operation and improves start-up


  • For orchard, vineyard and nursery micro-sprinkler installations where flow regulation and insect resistance is desired.
  • Swivel Spray Options: 
    • LR (Long Range) – for maximum coverage
    • MR (Medium Range) –for the middle area.
    • SR (Short Range) – for closer spacings.
    • Breakaway Stream Deflector: For Long Range, Medium Range or Short Range.
  • Jet Spray Options: 12 Stream, 360°, 10 Stream, 300°,  8 Stream Butterfly, 2 x 120°, 6 Stream, 180°
  • Sprinkler Mounting Options - Suspended from trellis wire by integral hook. Or placed in the ground with one of two SuperNet stake options.
  • Optional Steel Stake: Ideal for applications where high riser heights are required and install in dry, hard soils – no need to pre-wet.
  • Stream Splitter: Divides the stream to eliminate water on the trunk


  • Base connection options:
    • Quick-Connect thread (standard)
    • Barb (special order)
  • Flow range:
    • Swivel: 5.3 – 23.8 GPH
    • Jet: 7.9 – 23.8 GPH
  • Wetted diameter*:
    • Swivel: 4.9 – 23 feet
    • Jet: 11.2 - 20.3 feet

*Diameter is dependant on Jet Plate, please reference chart in technical product sheet for specifics. 

  • Recommended pressure range: 22 – 58 psi
  • Recommended filtration: 80 mesh

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Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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