Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters
Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters

Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters

High capacity automatic water filtration system.
This filter offers maximum performance for systems requiring filtration for large volumes of water. A longer filter element with larger discs produces a larger filtration area and only 30 psi is required for backflushing. Made from high-density synthetic materials, the Apollo filter is corrosion-proof not just corrosion-resistant. Available in 24VAC or 12VDC and multiple filter configurations for maximum system flexibility. Requires separate purchase of backflush controller.


Why Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters

  • Save Money By Reducing Filter Size
  • Save Money By Reducing Pumps Size
  • Save Time and Money when Moving
  • Save Money on Maintanance

Product Advantages

  • 10" manifold for all filter sizes means easier installation with less inventoried parts
  • Modular design provides portability for easier field installations and has a smaller footprint
  • Water inlet and outlet versatility because grower chooses what works best for the application
  • Light-weight, easy to use polymeric (plastic) clamps secure the filter cover to the filter body
  • Quick installation
    factory assembled and ready for immediate hook-up
  • Small footprint - saves valuable space
  • Non-corrosive materials - prevents rusting and corrosion from chemicals


  • Greenhouse
  • Nurseries


  • Flow ranges: 300 - 2,000 GPM
  • Mesh option: 120


Need help finding the best solution?

Need help finding the best solution?

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