Iron Valves
Iron Valves

Iron Valves

Offer cost efficient water control for a wide range of flow rates. They are ideal for high pressure applications in wastewater systems. The valve's unique design allows a straight flow pattern with low friction loss and the direct-sealing diaphragm and spring assure complete valve closure. Available in flow rates from 30 to 16,000 GPM - threaded, grooved or flanged connections - and a variety of control functions.

Product Overview

Why Iron Valves

Iron Valves are available in a wide range of sizes and flow rates to cover most applications. The unique design allows a straight flow pattern with low friction loss. A direct sealing diaphragm, the valves only moving part, operates by pipeline or external pressure. Sizes range from 1″ to 24″ with a variety of control functions and connection options.

Product Advantages

  • Unique design allows a straight flow pattern with the lowest friction loss in the industry.
  • Superb hydraulic performance with low operating pressure.
  • Direct sealing diaphragm for positive opening and closing.
  • Simple inline installation with minimal parts provides low maintenance requirements.
  • Iron valves have protective polyester coating for resistance to corrosive elements and UV protection.


  • Excellent for high pressure applications.


  • Optional Functions: Manual, Electric, Pressure Reducing and Pressure Sustaining
  • Connections:
    Threaded ANSI NPT Female
    Grooved ANSI/AWWA C-606
    Flanged ANSI CL-125
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