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Techline CV XR™

Techline CV XR™

Techline CV XR™

Pressure compensating (PC) in-line drip emitter with built-in check valve. Same industry-leading features as Techline CV now with Cupron injected directly into the emitters.

Benefits & Features

Cupron Enhanced Dripper
Copper Oxide is embedded into the emitter labyrinth and is an effective deterrent
against root intrusion without any reliance on chemicals. Cupron Copper oxide
provides long lasting protection due to non migrating active ingredients, lasting the life of the Techline.

Check Valve (CNL)
All emitters turn on and off at the same time, maximizing balance of application. Holds back up to 4.6’ of water. No low emitter drainage, great on slopes, and delivers more precise watering.

Anti-Siphon Mechanism
Prevents contaminants from being drawn into the dripper, making it ideal for sub surface applications.

Pressure Compensated
Precise and equal amounts of water delivered over a broad pressure range ensuring 100% uniformity of water and nutrient distribution along the laterals.

Physical Root Barrier
Offset flow path, extra large bath area, and raised outlets provide another level of protection by physically blocking roots from the labyrinth.

Continuous Self-Flushing Mechanism
Flushes debris throughout operation, while ensuring constant dripper operation.

Large Filtration Area
The Techline™ CVXR Dripper is highly resistant to clogging from poor quality water, thus increasing filtration efficiency

TurboNet technology improves dripper performances by widening the tooth pattern, maximizing flow path velocity, allowing contaminants to pass easily through the dripper, virtually eliminating plugging.


  • Broad choice of emitter flow rates: 0.42, 0.61, 0.92 GPH.
  • Emitter spacings: 12" and 18".
  • Pressure compensated range: 14.5 - 58 psi.
  • Check Valve (CNL): Emitters open at 14.5 psi and shut off at 2 psi to hold back 4.6 FT of water.
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh.
  • Coil length: 250, 1000 FT.


Need help finding the best solution?

Need help finding the best solution?

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