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12mm Dripline Fittings

Ensuring your irrigation system has the correct fittings can save you time and money over the years. Fittings are a crucial part of any system and can mean the difference between your system failing and years of hassle-free operation.

Why 12mm Dripline Fittings

12mm Dripline Fittings & Installation Tools

Features & Benefits

  • Barbed Fittings
    For secure fit and easy installation without clamps, glue or tools.

Product Advantages

  • UV Resistant
    Withstands heat, direct sun and harsh chemicals.
  • One-Piece Construction
    For added strength, durability and long-term performance.
  • Allows For Easy On-Site Inspection
    For proper fitting and installation.


  • 17mm fits Techline HCVXR, HCVXR-RW/RWP, CV, DL, RW and RWP driplines, and PE irrigation hose 
  • 12mm fits Techline EZ



  • Acceptable hose sizes for 17mm: 0.56” - 0.60” inside diameter
  • Acceptable hose sizes for 12mm: 0.426” inside diameter


Need help finding the best solution?

Need help finding the best solution?

Contact our Landscape & Turf experts to learn which solution is suited for your needs.