NMC Air, a cloud-based software, provides a user with the ability to operate and monitor the NMC Irrigation Controllers from anywhere at anytime. NMC Air software connects an NMC Pro, DC or NMC Junior Pro Irrigation Controller to the NMC Air cloud.

Cloud Based Software for NMC Irrigation Controllers

  • Real-time in-field operation
  • Check your system at a glance
  • Provides water and nutrient use traceability
  • Connectivity via web and mobile access
  • Optimizes efficiency
  • High end user experience - simple and fun

Operate and Monitory Anywhere, Anytime

  • Get farm status and check active irrigation and dosing
    performance in a single view
  • Get alarms and notifications sent to your mobile device or PC
  • Manually and remotely operate the NMC Irrigation Controller:
  • Pause and resume irrigation
  • Start or stop irrigation programs, valves, filter flushing
  • View and create graphs for trend monitorin
  • Create and edit your NMC irrigation strategy:
    • Edit irrigation, dosing, water run time, filter flushing, misting
      and cooling programs
  • Get historic logs for analyzing farm data:
    • Irrigation and sensor logs
    • Uncompleted irrigation and other uncompleted programs

Product Advantages

  • Top navigation menu to modify settings, add new hardware to your farm, monitor your system with dynamic graphs and reports, follow farm alarms, navigate farms and controllers and view local controller time.
  • A dynamic dashboard to get full irrigation status at-a-glance and real-time overview of your irrigation strategy.
  • Operation panel for daily irrigation activities. Use it anywhere and anytime on your mobile phone. Control your irrigation manually and remotely. Get online alarms.
  • No time for details, get a quick look and stay up-to-date with your weather station, climate status or your additional controller programs.



NMC Air Kit for a single NMC Pro/DC controller includes

  • Gateway with 115/220VAC power supply
  • NMC PRO/DC RS485 communication card
  • 2 years NMC Air cloud license
  • Enclosure
  • NMC Air requires Internet service


Product sheets

Product sheets

Crop Management Technologies Brochure

Crop Management Technologies Brochure

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