The SingleNet System’s reliability and ease of use addresses many of the concerns most growers have with multi-wire controller systems. It’s not complicated to install or operate. The Netafim SingleNet System is ideal for new installations or retrofits of existing systems.

Seamless Integration for Network Growth

  • Multiple Valve Control
    With the SingleNet System, there are no limitations on simultaneous multiple valve operations. Only the Netafim system is flexible enough to operate both 12VDC latching solenoids, two or three wire, and relays. Latching solenoids do not require constant power, therefore, power consumption is minimized.
  • Fast Output Reaction and Communication
    Fast output reaction is ideal when valves need to operate for short periods enabling high-frequency irrigation and cooling applications.
  • Diagnostic Capabilities
    The PoleNET software, included with each SingleNet Interface Unit, provides monitoring of voltage and currents. PoleNET software can also be used as a diagnostic tool for monitoring and displaying communication issues between the SingleNet Interface Unit and the SingleNet RTUs. Large graphic backlit LCD display for easy programming.
  • Expandability
    Expansion is quick and easy as units can be added from any point in the existing system. SingleNet RTUs are designed for seamless integration into an existing SingleNet System allowing network growth and expansion at a reduced cost. Labor, materials, and operating costs are dramatically reduced.
NMC Junior Pro System Manager
NMC Junior Pro System Manager

Two-Wire Cable Valve Communications Control System

  • Surge Protection and Lightning Resistance
    The design of the SingleNet Cable provides excellent durability and surge protection. Lightning resistance is provided by the optional Interface Lightning Suppression Module and the RTU Lightning Suppression Cards which are installed within an individual SingleNet RTU. Both provide improved suppression of high voltages generated by lightning strikes in the vicinity of Interface Units and RTUs.
  • Unique Two-Wire Cable
    SingleNet Cable is specifically designed to work with the entire SingleNet System. Two 16 AWG wires are inserted in flexible conduit and shipped ready to install. SingleNet Cable can be direct buried reducing susceptibility to mechanical and electrical damage. The twisted pair configuration is shielded to reduce “noise” and protect the system against induced voltages. The wires’ low capacitance allows longer cable run lengths – up to 6 miles maximum total cable length.
  • Two Interface Connection Options
    Interface units and cards allow the SingleNet System to be used with the Netafim NMC Pro System Manager or any existing 12VDC non-latching or 24VAC controller.

Product Advantages

  • Advanced control over valve operations
  • Lower cable and installation costs
  • Greater reliability and peace of mind
  • Powered by 12VDC
  • Total cable length of up to 10km
  • Control of up to 128 remote terminal units (RTUs)
  • 2 digital outputs and inputs per RTU
  • 2 digital water meter inputs per RTU
  • Auto valve shutdown upon communication or power failure
  • PC connection for easy setup and monitoring
  • Optional plug-in lighting suppression module


  • Control irrigation programs
  • Communicate and control up to 255 valves (latching outputs) in a single network

System Components

  • RTU Lightning Suppression Card
  • SingleNet Cable


Product sheets

Product sheets

Crop Management Technologies Brochure

Crop Management Technologies Brochure

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