NMC Pro Climate Controller

The NMC PRO Climate Controller is a multifunctional greenhouse and indoor controller ensuring the success of your grow operation.

Complete Greenhouse and Indoor Turnkey Solutions

Netafi m offers highly specialized, state of the art greenhouse systems, structures and irrigation equipment. Implementing end-to-end irrigation and greenhouse projects. Using the best-in-class technologies and capabilities, focused on delivering sustainable and profi table results. The complete turnkey solution includes conceptual design, plan design, execution, and operation and maintenance support.

NMC Pro Climate Controller
NMC Pro Climate

Advanced Modular, Multifunctional Greenhouse Controller

The advanced modular features can control diverse modules
and components in a greenhouse, including:

  • Vents - top and side
  • Screens - shading and energy
  • Heating - ON/OFF heating and up to 5 water heating
    networks per zone; upgraded heating network
    algorithm enables high calculation accuracy,
    performance and energy efficiency
  • Misting - up to 8 misting valves per zone with PID
    control by temperature, RH and VPD triggers
  • Fan and Pad - up to 8 fan stages per zone
    controlled by temperature, RH and/or time
    (integrated air inlet control)
  • Air Circulation - controlled by time and/or trigger,
    temperature and RH
  • CO2 Level - active and passive action
  • Crop Protection: prepare, spray, process, purge
  • Lighting - up to 4 strings per zone, cyclic or fixed operations

Product Advantages

  • Advanced climate control management
  • Real-time climate control - up to 4 climate zones
    in a single controller
  • Installation of up to 50 zones in a single network
  • New temperature and humidity measuring
    box design, enabling longer durability
  • Easy integration with NMCnet software for climate
    control, operations and management, and with a
    graphic module for monitoring and analyzing controller
  • Weather station data sharing with all controllers in the
    same network


  • Smart irrigation and water systems
  • Climate systems
  • Automation systems and auxiliary systems


  • 115VAC power supply
  • 80VA 24VAC transformer, includes 40 24VAC outputs, 24 dry contact outputs, 8 digital inputs, 11 analog inputs
  • Data plug backup key
  • Zero expansion slots
  • Double door enclosure
  • External 115VAC surge suppressor


Crop Management Technologies Brochure

Crop Management Technologies Brochure

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