Disc Filter 

Lean & Mean Filtration Machine

AlphaDisc™ combines precise depth filtration high dirt-holding capacity, a smart controller for precise performance data, and a unique, easy-to-scale modular design. Adapt your changing flow rate and water needs with ease with Netafim’s AlphaDisc™.

Ensure system longevity with clog and partial clog prevention technology. Enjoy better ROI, cost-savings, and peace of mind with Netafim’s AlphaDisc™.

AlphaDisc™ - disc filter
Disc filters | AlphaDisc™ robot

Make sure you’re making the right decision:​

  • High efficiency, precise depth filtration. AlphaDisc™ leverages a unique design with a precise filtration grade through all depths of the filter meaning better clog protection and more consistent performance.
  • High dirt-holding capacity. By combining a high filtration volume and area with the lowest head loss in the industry, AlphaDisc™ ensures a higher particle capture rate, fewer backflush cycles, and less disruption downstream.
  • Hyper modular. The unique, modular design of AlphaDisc™ offers easy scalability as needs evolve.
  • Low backflush flow rate and low head loss. This results in a lower-cost, higher-yield irrigation system.
  • AlphaDisc™ smart controller. The “always-on” IP65 rated controller allows consistent access to filtration data.​​
  • Multiple configurations. Easily adapt AlphaDisc™ to any system configuration, whether it’s inline, online, or at an angle.
  • Durable and long-lasting product. Made from anti-corrosive materials.

"AlphaDisc allows for a multi-phase investment, making budgeting more manageable than ever. This is especially important for scalable projects. Compared with old-style filters, which require the grower to upfront all the costs on day one, our AlphaDisc filtration system eases the financial stress and provides more flexibility and possibilities for scaling."


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