DripNet PC™

Originally developed for the row crop market, DripNet PC provides an economical heavywall solution for irrigating permanent crops with long runs and steep topographies with high uniformity.

Ideal for slope and undulating terrain, surface or subsurface installations and most water quality conditions, DripNet PC features the same proven-performance of Netafim’s leading heavywall dripline at an affordable price:

Product Overview

Why DripNet PC?

Virtually Clog-Free Dripper Design

  • Largest filtration area prevents penetration of dirt particles into the dripper.
  • Chemical resistant, self-cleaning, self-flushing dripper diaphragm removes debris throughout the irrigation cycle.
  • Industry’s widest and shortest dripper flow path. Wide cross-section allows large particles to pass easily through the short flow path virtually eliminating clogging.

Dependable, Reliable Dripper Performance

  • Injection-molded drippers have the lowest co-efficient of variation – less than 3%, unlike other manufacturers. The same dripper is used in every dripline regardless of the tubing’s inside diameter or wall thickness providing consistent, reliable performance.
  • Pressure compensating – delivers precise water applications nearly everywhere in the field and operates at the industry’s lowest regulating pressure.

Advanced Pressure Compensating Operation

DripNet PC’s self-cleaning pressure compensating dripper is a fully self-contained unit welded to the interior wall of the dripper tubing. Both tubing and dripper are manufactured from high-quality synthetic elastomers to withstand chemicals and fertilizers. The DripNet PC dripper contains a diaphragm that continuously adjusts to varying water pressure to ensure a constant flow rate. The diaphragm allows particles to pass through the dripper, promoting reliable performance and longer system life.

This continuous flushing feature and wide flow path keep drippers flowing at optimal rates without clogging or interrupting operation.

Product Advantages

  • Wide pressure range produces uniform dripper flow rates so longer runs and steep topographies are irrigated with high uniformity.
  • Lowest coefficient of manufacturing variability (Cv) in the industry.
  • One-piece construction prevents damage to drippers during installation and retrieval.
  • Design flexibility is available in a range of dripper flows and spacings, allowing for specific application rates and controlling of wetting pattern in different soil types.
  • Pressure compensating feature delivers precise water applications nearly everywhere in the field.


  • Surface or Sub-surface
  • Tree, vine, row crops, and greenhouse & nursery.
  • Multi-seasonal use
  • Undulating fields


  • Inside diameter:
    • 0.540″ (16mm, 45 mil)
    • 0.570″ (17mm, 45 mil)
    • 0.620″ (18mm, 45 mil)
    • 0.690″ (20mm, 48 mil)
    • 0.820″ (60 mil)
  • Nominal flow rates (GPH):
    0.16, 0.26, 0.32, 0.42, 0.53, 0.61, 0.92, 1.00
  • Common spacings: 24″, 30″, 36″, 42.25″, 48″
  • Recommended filtration:
    80 Mesh – 0.42 GPH and higher
    120 Mesh – 0.16, 0.26, 0.32 GPH
Grower Success

Growers Success

North Carolina corn grower Kevin Matthews talks about the success of his Netafim SDI system including: Irrigating irregular shaped and rolling fields that have multiple soil types, delivering fertilizer and water to the crop through the SDI system and using 30% less nitrogen and getting 300 bushels/acre with SDI versus 175 bushels/acre on dryland - seeing a net return in less than 3 years. 

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to talk about what your crop needs.