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Fertilizer Injectors


Fertilizer Injectors are small in size with a lightweight design allowing for maximum flexibility in confined spaces. Venturi injectors perform reliably and require little maintenance. Available in two sizes covering a wide range of flows.


Why Fertilizer Meters

  • Both meters are light-weight and deliver a high level of accuracy, ±2%.
  • Only one moving part, the impeller, is in contact with the liquid for minimum wear and the utmost reliability.
  • Corrosion resistant plastic components.
  • PVC body is an angle type multi-jet meter. The multi-jet design assures an equally distributed load on the impeller minimizing wear and maintaining accuracy.
  • No straight pipe installation requirements.

Product Advantages

  • Magnetically driven sealed register is guaranteed not to accumulate moisture or fog.
  • Dry contact electrical output driven by a magnetic coupling that activates a reed switch creating a pulsed output for communicating with control and monitoring equipment.


  • Fertilizer control in automated irrigation systems


Specifications – Plastic

  • Size: 3/4″
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 72.5 psi
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature: 122°F
  • Body Material: Polypropylene
  • Connections:Threaded
  • Pulse Output: 0.1 or 1.0

Specifications – PVC

  • Size: 1″
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 145 psi
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature: 122°F
  • Body Material: PVC
  • Connections: Threaded
  • Pulse Output: 1.0

Models Fertilizer Injectors

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