SuperNet Jr.


When you are irrigating orchards with a variety of tree root volumes, you can count on SuperNet Jr micro-sprinklers, to deliver high crop uniformity while keeping your operating costs nice and low.

SuperNet Jr. features an EverSpin Sapphire Bearing – the toughest, hardest, longest-life sprinkler bearing on the market. This precision manufactured bearing crafted out of a sapphire material – one of the hardest surfaces known – has been added to the bearing of the sprinkler at the point where the swivel’s pin meets the bearings surface wear-point – reducing friction, wear and promoting long-lasting sprinkler performance.

Sprinkler irrigation
Product Overview

Why DripNet PC?

Virtually Clog-Free Dripper Design

  • Largest filtration area prevents penetration of dirt particles into the dripper.
  • Chemical resistant, self-cleaning, self-flushing dripper diaphragm removes debris throughout the irrigation cycle.
  • Industry’s widest and shortest dripper flow path. Wide cross-section allows large particles to pass easily through the short flow path virtually eliminating clogging.

Dependable, Reliable Dripper Performance

  • Injection-molded drippers have the lowest co-efficient of variation – less than 3%, unlike other manufacturers. The same dripper is used in every dripline regardless of the tubing’s inside diameter or wall thickness providing consistent, reliable performance.
  • Pressure compensating – delivers precise water applications nearly everywhere in the field and operates at the industry’s lowest regulating pressure.
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Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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