Always on guard against sand, harsh water and humidity 

When you're pumping water from an open or contaminated source, you can't afford to take any risks.  SandStorm™ media filters don’t just protect your irrigation investment, they maximize your productivity over time by maintaining absolute flow uniformity even with the harshest water -  ensuring higher and more uniform crop yields. Designed by the world's experts, this filter gives you maximum protection while requiring minimal maintenance. 

Why Sandstorm™ Double Chamber Metal Media Filters?

Media filters are highly recommended when irrigating with poor quality water or in the following conditions:

  • As the primary filtration for surface water in single/multi-season driplines
  • When water contains Iron and/or Manganese
  • For SDI applications using harsh water sources

What makes SandStorm™ the leading media filters in the industry?

  • Built to last. Rugged tank design and industry-leading anti-corrosion and UV resistance, provides long-term rust protection even in wet and humid climates.
  • Anti-clogging: Designed by world experts, our media absorbs particles as part of a depth filtration process, protecting your system from mineral, silt and sand infiltration.
  • For uniform irrigation: Our system provides super-efficient back-flush cleaning cycles that ensures irrigation uniformity, season after season.
  • Maintenance with farmers in mind: Large access ports and additional service ports make the job of replacing media and performing routine maintenance easy and hassle-free.
  • Grows with your business: Modular manifold design makes it quick and easy to scale up your filtration system as your irrigation needs grow.
  • Find the diameter that fits best: Choose from a wide range of single and double chamber diameters & configurations that correspond precisely to the flow rate of your system, ensuring optimal filtration efficiency.
  • Goes where you need it. Skid mounted legs allow you to easily turn SandStorm™ into a mobile system.

Sandstorm™ Metal Media Filter Filter Operations


Water enters the filter via the inlet and spreads equally on the media. Solids and organic materials are trapped within the media. The clean water passes through the media and flows out via the nozzles. The backflush cleaning process is done by shutting the inlet of the filter with the 3-way backflush valve and allowing the water to enter from the bottom, lifting the media and releasing the solids that exit the filter through the outlet manifold. This process can be controlled automatically.

Product Advantages

  • Two-layer coating (phenolic and epoxy) for industry-leading high corrosion and UV protection – for both the tanks and the manifolds.
  • Modular manifolds for simple and flexible assembly and expansion.
  • Wide range of tank diameters and configurations to address all application needs.
  • Maximum protection and reliability in harsh conditions.
  • Double-chambered filter allows for efficient filtration and backflush uniformity.
  • Multiple mushrooms provide four times more open flow area ensuring uniform water collection and backflush.
  • Each mushroom produces equal pressure during backflushing cleaning the entire sand media bed.


  • Excellent for high-pressure applications
  • Primary filter for water from open reservoirs and recycled water
  • Filtration of water contaminated with algae and other organic materials


  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 115 psi
  • Backflushing Flow Rate:

16″ Filter Battery – 26 GPM
20″ Filter Battery – 66 GPM
24″ Filter Battery – 97 GPM


Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Contact a filtration expert to learn which SandStorm™ filter is optimal for your needs.